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Omoha everyone! This is Azerith. The connection between Shuma and your cyber space had become stabled once again, therefore I can forge new connections for gamers.

Recently, my sensor picked up a new feed, and after I trace back the feed, I discovered this new smart phone app game called Shinobi Nightmare (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Shinobi means ninja)


About the Creator

Created by the Fuji&Gumi Inc, a new star company in the smart phone game industry. Focused. Fuji&Gumi was created by both Fuji Start-Up Adventure and Gumi, with the single focus on making the best smart phone app game. Fuji Start-Up Adventure is an investing entity, the organization strategically invest in the area such as E-Commerce, Gaming, Publishing, Geo-Location and other technology industry. On the other hand, Gumi is a successful international company, focusing mainly in providing publishing service and application services to its native consumer. Shinobi Nightmare is the third title recently introduced by Fuji&Gumi Inc, approximately 5 months after the second big-hit title 誰ガ為のアルケミスト (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: The reason to be an Alchemist)



About the game

Shinobi Nightmare is a Maze/Dungeon Exploring RPG (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: “Resonance with another all-time favourite connection stored, the Persona Series”). In Shinobi Nightmare, you will be controlling 4 young kunoichi (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: female ninjas) born with “Chakra” (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Warning, Copy right issue detected!), mystical power used to summon historic warriors to fight off the inevitable invasion of monstrous creatures, led by the Abyssal General.

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In the future yet to come, a continent called Geepang existed and there are four countries thrives on this particular continents. Each controlled by a Feudal Lord, the four countries fought countless wars between each to claim the throne of the ruler of Geepang. Due to excessive battles, resources have been exhausted. In the end, a Truce Agreement was signed to prevent further conflicts between the four countries. Meanwhile, the Kirin Castle, located on the edge of the Geepang continent, is conducting a conspiracy to destroy the power balance between the four countries.



The Country of Spring – ShunGyou

The country blessed by the Seiryuu/Blue Dragon Gemstone. ShunGyou is a well-known Xanadu. By using Chakra to maintain the climate, ShunGyou created a scenic environment to attract tourist all over the continent.


The Country of Summer – Shuka

The country blessed by the Suzaku/Red Phoenix Gemstone. Shuka is renowned for its naval dominance. By using the Chakra to power boats, Shuka gained prosperity from seaborne trades and naval matters.


The Country of Autumn – Hakushu

The country blessed by the Byakko/White Tiger Gemstone. Hakushu is the home of spell casters. Focusing the Chakra on spell and magic research, Hakushu bred many great spell casters and magician to protect others from evil and catastrophes.


The Country of Winter – Gantour

The country blessed by the Ganbu/Basaltic Turtle Gemstone. Gantour have supreme mechanic technology. Rendering the Chakra into fuel for machineries, Gantour is an industrial superpower which thrives on manufacturing machineries.

About the Character

Sakura – A ‘proud to be’ simpleton!

A newcomer in the Ninja Village. Sakura act on instincts and never do too much thinking before she got herself into troubles. Even though Sakura might resemble merely a simpleton when compared to her teammates, but she is the mood maker in the team and she have the nerve to face head-on with any difficulties. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: …Naruto, is that you with erotic jitsu?)

Yuri – Born to be a lady…with huge appetite.

The leader of the Kunoichi team. Yuri was the first among the team, to be send to the Ninja Village to undertake training to become a Kunoichi. In terms of personality, leaderships, knowledge and elegance, Yuri is impeccable. However, behind those perfect attributes, gluttony is another distinct feature of Yuri when it comes to ramen; but somehow she is not gaining weight from it.
(T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Public enemy for female detected!)

Kikyou – Tsundere with strange taste buds


Mastering the training of kunoichi in a relatively short period of time, Kikyou is a genius when it comes to acquiring information and techniques. Kkiyou was never fond of team play and therefore always try to deliver missions on her own. Nonetheless, Kikyou was merely trying to reduce the risk of the others by putting herself at the front line. Other than being an introvert, Kikyou also bring great stress to her team by having a lust for spicy food.

Hiiragi – The fusion of loveliness and indecisiveness


Despite in the middle of the toughest mission, Hiiragi could defuse the tension in the team by displaying her natural cuteness in her tone. Meanwhile, Hiiragi lack self-confidence when it comes to battle; to a certain extend that she got scared by her own summoned warrior. Having a heart of a pacifier, Kiiragi seems to accumulate stress by living as a kunoichi, and therefore sometime she can be rather pessimistic.


Summon and materialize by the kunoichi with Chakra, Samurai is the soul of the great warriors in the pass and the only effective option for defeating the Mononoke.


Taking up various forms, these monstrous creature resembles evil spirits. It was said the Mononoke was once defeated by the Samurais, but yet they have been summoned again by someone with a reason.

About the Gameplay System


Exploring the Dungeon:
Players get to control the kunoichi team to explore the scenic dungeon to complete missions. Inside the dungeons, there are various treasure chest, chakra charge and gold chest, and of course, mononoke as well!


Once engaged in battle with mononoke, both the mononoke and the player takes turn to perform attack. Player should always aim for critical strike as it knock out the enemy and allow the next attack to deal additional damage.


Cleansing in hot spring:
This is personally my favourite part. After exploring in the dungeon, the kunoichi have to cleanse herself in the blessed hot spring. This will allow the kunoichi to regain vitality and hence able to continue with mission at full strength. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: inappropriate graphic detected, commen..ci.n…g ce.ns..or.s.h..i…. *manually override with ultra-authority*)

Syndetira’s Note

Personally I would definitely recommend everyone to try out this game. The size of the data might be a bit big, but the stunning graphic, rich storyline and interesting dungeon exploring system is a must try for any gamer. I will continue to monitor this connection and release additional report on my new findings.

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Opps, looks like the connection is getting worst. The download link of the game can be found in below.

I will try my best to reconnect and share more information with you once signal becomes stables again. A special tips from me would be, the hot spring scene is a mu….s..t s..e….e!

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