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Welcome to the data archive, I will be your hosting android, and please call me R.I.S.E.M.A.R.A as my full name might be a bit of a tongue-twister. Following the order of Syndetira Azerith, I am here to provide strategic guidance for players who are looking forward to connect to the smart phone app game Pokémon Go. Unlike the puerile Terminology Support and Unique Knowledge and Online Meta Interpret device, I am sure players will find my assistant much more…meaningful (*smile face*)

The following information can be access in detail from this archive:

General Information:
1. Searching and Catching Pokémon
2. Pokémon status, powering up and evolution
3. Pokéstop
4. Pokémon Egg
5. Distinctive advantage of Player level
6. In-game Store

Unique Player Interaction Feature Information:
1. The functions of Gym
2. The Team
3. Gym Battle: Acquiring the Gym
4. Gym Battle: Defending the Gym

Secret Tips from Syndetira is also included!

Searching and Catching Pokémon

This would obviously be the first step for any players who are going to play the game. Just like the very first Pokémon game on our Gameboy console, player will need to travel in ‘Grassy Area’ to encounter Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, the process is similar, except that our whole world had become a big grassy area, and there are Pokémon everywhere.

First, let’s examine the interface of the game.


From the center of the player, a sonar wave will be emitted to detect Pokémon hidden in the nearby surrounding. There will be some rustling grass animation on the map time by time, those animations represent Pokémon around those area. But please do not assume you can expect Pokémon to pop up when you arrived at the rustling grass area. The most accurate way to track down Pokémon is by tapping the bottom right banner.

If player click on the bottom right corner, player can then see what the sensor had picked up.


There will be footprint under each nearby Pokémon, these indicate the necessary distance the player have to travel to encounter the Pokémon. 3 footprints represent means the Pokémon is rather far away, approximately 300 meters (in 360 degree, which it can be 300 meters top, left, right or bottom). 2 footprints would be approximately 200 meters and 1 footprint will be approximately 100 meters away from the player. If there is no footprint under the Pokémon, it will pop up any second if you stay still!

Once the player tap on the discovered Pokémon, it will enter the catching interface.


If the player hold on to the Pokéball, the player can then see a pale circle enclosing the Pokémon, also a shrinking coloured circle collapsing on the Pokémon. The coloured circle indicates the difficulty to capture this particular Pokémon.

Green = Easy
Yellow = Moderate
Red = Hard

The Pokémon sometime will attack, rendering attempt to capture ineffective. The player’s best bet would be to throw the Pokéball when the colored circle have the biggest radius. It will give extra XP bonus if the Pokémon is successfully captured.

Curve Ball – Extra 10 XP
This is rather tricky, the player have to hold the Pokéball and move the Pokéball in circle motion until the Pokéball start to glitter and glow, then release it.


Nice Throw – Extra 10 XP
The player must hit the Pokémon with the Pokéball inside the shrinking coloured circle to earn this reward.

Great Throw – Extra 50 XP
The player must hit the Pokémon with the Pokéball inside the shrinking coloured circle when the coloured circle is approximately half of its original radius.

Excellent Throw – Extra 100 XP
The player must hit the Pokémon with the Pokéball inside the shrinking coloured circle when the coloured circle is extremely…..small, well, that makes sense right?

Please be aware there will only be 1 bonus XP applied. For example, if a player achieved both a Curve Ball and a Great Throw, the Great Throw bonus XP exceeded the Curve Ball bonus XP, therefore the player will only receive 50 bonus XP from the Great Throw.

Obviously, if player achieve Excellent Throw, there is a great chance to catch the Pokémon when compared to Great Throw, and the same logic apply for Great Throw and Nice Throw. However, Pokéball wastage will be a serious concern for some player.

Pokémon status, powering up and evolution

Once Pokémon is captured, it will display the Pokémon’s profile.


Once captured, the player will obtain 3 (Pokémon Name) candy and the following:
– 100 XP per capture, and 500 XP extra if the Pokémon is new.
– 100 stardusk

Combat Power (CP) :A measure of how strong the Pokémon is when it comes to Pokémon battle.

Type : A particular group/category the Pokémon belongs in. It is possible for the Pokémon to belong in 2 groups/category.

Weight : How heavy the Pokémon is. This number varies with each individual Pokémon. It will have extra label such as XL (extra-large) or XS (extra-small) if it fits the criteria. So far, Syndetira have not found any direct relation between CP and Weight, but future update of the game might make this feature special.

Height : How tall the Pokémon is. This number varies with each individual Pokémon. It will have extra label such as XL (extra-large) or XS (extra-small) if it fits the criteria. So far, Syndetira have not found any direct relation between CP and Weight, but future update of the game might make this feature special.

Power Up : Player can spend Stardust and Candy to increase the CP of the Pokémon. The arch above the Pokémon represent the growth potential for the Pokémon. As the growth potential getting close to max out, the more stardusts and candies are required to power up the Pokémon.

Evolve : Player can evolve the Pokémon by spending candies. Pokémon which can only evolve once would usually require 50 candies. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Intervene signal successfully, Niantic Inc/Game Freak had deliberately made Magikarp’s evolution particularly difficult, which requires 400 candies). Whereas Pokémon that can evolve twice would most likely requires either 15 or 25 candies for the first evolution, and 50 or 100 candies for the final evolution.

Habitat Location Map : The habitat location map will be attached in the bottom of the Pokémon profile page. The map indicates the location of the player when he/she captured this particular Pokémon.

Transfer : Player can choose to transfer the Pokémon to Professor Willow, the Pokémon will be gone, however Professor Willow will reward the player with 1 candy (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Treat you like a kid!)

Attacks and Abilities :


Each Pokémon comes with an attack and an abilities. However these attacks and abilities will varies between each individual. A more detailed explanation regarding on the attack and the ability will be provided in the gym battle section later on.



Pokéstop is the local interesting facility/artifacts. From a far, it is a floating cube, it transform into a circle shape once the player come close to it. Tapping on the circle shape and flip the billboard will allow player to obtain various items such as Pokéball, Pokémon egg, potions and other items. It is crucial to know that Pokéstop recharges itself every 5-15 minutes, meaning player can only receive the items every 5-15 minutes.


Player can place item such as Lure Module on the Pokéstop to attract nearby Pokémon. Making the encounter rate of Pokémon increases for every player near the Pokéstop.

Pokémon Egg

Every now and then, player might receive a Pokémon Egg from the Pokéstop. There are 3 types of Pokémon Egg, the 2 KM, 5 KM and 10 KM. To hatch the egg, the player need to place the egg in an incubator, and must walk/travel the specific distance (e.g. 2 KM stands for 2 Kilometers) while having the game app running. There will be one incubator given to all players at the start of the game. The player can use that incubator to incubate as many egg as he/she want, however, one incubator can only incubate one egg at one time. You can purchase more incubator from the in-game shop and by leveling up your character.


The Pokémon hatch from the Pokémon egg can be any Pokémon, though Syndetira Azerith had discovered that hatching the 10 KM Pokémon egg has a higher chance to gives the player a better/rarer Pokémon compared to the 5 KM and 2 KM, and the same logic applies for the 5 KM egg compared with the 2 KM egg. After hatching the Pokemon egg, the player receives XP and a significant amount of stardusts and candies.


LEFT: From 10 KM Eggs ; RIGHT: From the 2 KM Eggs

Distinctive advantage of Player character level

As the player character gain XP, the player level will increase. With each level up, player will receive items such as Pokéball, incense, lure module, potion and revive potion. As the player level become higher, the reward will also be better.

Player level 5: Able to choose a team to participate in gym battle. I will explain more in the later section.

Player level 8: Unlock new item “Razz Berry”, player can feed this to the Pokémon and make it easier to capture on his/her next Pokéball throw. Once unlocked, this item can also be collected from Pokéstop.


Player level 10: Unlock new item “Super Potion”. Super potion restore the Pokémon HP by 50. Once unlocked, this item can also be collected from Pokéstop.


Player level 12: Unlock new item “Great Ball”. Great Ball provides a higher catch rate than a normal Pokéball. Once unlocked, this item can also be collected form Pokéstop.


So far, this is what Syndetira Azerith had identified. Therefore it will be a wise decision to level up player character level quickly to unlock more items from Pokéstop. Also, a higher player character level will allow the player to encounter rarer/stronger Pokémon; another reason to level up!

In-game Store

Just like any other game app with in-game store, here is where the player can exchange in-game items with cash. The in-game currency in Pokémon GO will the Pikachu Coin!

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