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Omoha everyone! This is Azerith. The connection between Shuma and your cyber space had become stabled once again, therefore I can forge new connections for gamers.

I am very excited today, as my sensor picked up a new feed from one of my childhood favourite connection. Approximately couple hours ago, Niantic Inc has officially released the new smart phone app game Pokémon GO and Mr Qoo had managed to establish a connection to the source! (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Pi~ka~chuuuuu~!)

About the Creator

Created by the Niantic Inc., a company focusing its attention on augmented-reality (AR) and applying this technology in the smart phone game industry. Many might be unaware of Niantic Inc. before, but this status soon became a history as the gaming industry giant Nintendo recently invested millions of dollar in this company for a new project. Niantic Inc. first introduced Ingress, an augmented-reality game app on the smart phone. Not only Ingress had achieved a phenomenal success, it also evolves the smart phone game app platform to a new level and inspired many other people. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Well it definitely inspired Ash Ketchum) Utilizing its well-tested augmented-reality technology, Niantic Inc. had successfully bring one of the most famous title in Nintendo Games to live; The Pokémon!



About the game

Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game similar to Ingress. Players are expected to travel around his/her own suburb, town and city and locate wild Pokémon. Equipped with Pokéball, a map and a Pokédex, you will just start your very own adventure like Ash Ketchum; To be the next Pokémon Master!

Uploading Archive Data…

After the initial set up (e.g. Name, Character Gender, Character Design and catching the first Pokémon, either Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur), we can start our adventure straight away! (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Pokémon Blue, Red and Green version data used, as Pikachu is missing for initial Pokémon selection)

As we can see on the left, the player will be represented in the center of the map. As player start to travel, and I actually mean you have to physically walk, your character will start moving as well.

There will be a circle expanding under your character, it is ok to think of that as our sensor’s range to encounter nearby Pokémon.


Pokémon Trainer Profile

If we tap our character picture on the bottom left of the screen, it will show us our personal status including level, EXP points, in-game currency (the Pikachu coin!) and other information such as collection status and more!


Inside your backpack

If we tap on the Pokéball in the bottom center of the screen, it allow us to see our Pokédex, the pokemon and item we currently have and in-game item purchase shop.





Pokémon Sensor

At last, the bottom right section will show us what sort of Pokémon is nearby.


About the Gameplay System

A walk in the park!
Well, just like the Pokémon game many of you played before, you will have to approach ‘Grassy Area’ for optimum Pokémon encounter chance! Pokemon movment can be seen on the map with ‘leaf falling/moving’ animation. Your device will vibrate once you have a visual on a Pokémon.


Once encounter a Pokémon, your device will automatically switch to camera mode and you have to literally move the camera angle (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: very similar to VR, you have to physically turn around in circle) to locate the Pokémon! Upon having a visual on the Pokémon, you will then need to flick the Pokéball at it correctly to capture it.

The legendary 3 shakes

You know it! Once the Pokéball successfully hit the Pokémon and capture it, after the 3 little shakes, GOTCHA!


Pokémon details, Stardust and Pokémon candy

Once captured, player can then view the Pokémon details, which includes its type, weight, height, Combat Power (CP), Health Point (HP) and also the option to power up or evolve the Pokémon with Stardust and Pokémon Candy. Every time you catch a Pokémon, you will receive a certain amount of Stardust and a certain amount of Pokémon candy (the candy is unique for each individual Pokémon)

Visit the Pokéstop!

Even though you can encounter pokemon as you stroll through your neighborhood, there is specific locations called The Pokéstops where most of the Pokémon will hang out at! If you are familiar with Ingress, then you will know these Pokéstops is usually located at public facility or historical landmark. Upon arrival, player receives items such as Pokéball, and even Pokémon egg!


Small tips from T.S.U.K.O.M.I

1. You won’t find fire in the ocean, right?

Pokémon with specific type and characteristic will only appear in certain location. For example, you probably won’t find Charmander while you loitering at the beach. Other than types, some Pokémon only comes out at night time too! As much as the Niantic team is trying to make the game similar to its original version, for safety issues, there will be no Pokémon appearing in dangerous location such as traffic cross-section and unreachable area (e.g. you won’t find Vulpix in the volcano, get it?).

2. If you want it, you have to walk it!

If you run out of Pokéball, unless you want to buy it with real cash, you better get leave that comfortable sofa and walk to a nearby Pokéstop. Pokéstop is located in local landmark and nearby interesting location including parks and museums. Once you are within reach, click on the Pokéstop on your map (it should be a blue circle object), give it a flick and you will receive items such as Pokéball, and if you are lucky, you might even obtain a Pokémon Egg!

3. It takes responsibilities to be a parent.

Just like the Pokémon game series you might have played before, you can only hatch Pokémon Egg by accumulating walking distance. The more you have travel while carrying the Pokémon Egg in the Pokémon Incubator (which is provided in the game automatically), the quicker it will hatch into a new Pokémon! Of course, you can always leave the game in the background mode and then accumulate walking distance to save batteries.

Syndetira’s Note

Bring back heaps of memory, I would strongly recommend people who love the Pokémon series to try this out. It is free to download, and one of the biggest benefit behind this game is that it actually requires you to move around physically, so you can exercise while you enjoy the game (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: It also allow you to feel how Ash Ketchum felt when he have to travel all those towns to collect Pokémon. Blitzcr*nk Laugh: Ha. Ha. Ha)! Unfortunately I have to warn all player that this game consume a lot of the phone’s power, but in return, it gives you wonderful graphic and incredible game play experience; I say it is worth it!
T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Jammer Wave Incoming…estimated remaining connection time: Minimal.

As this game is a rather new release and currently only available in certain regions, I do not have sufficient information to offer at this particular moment. But I promise to keep an eye on this interesting connection for you all and update you guys with any new findings I come across. Pika..ch…,….her…e…I….co..m..e..!

T.S.U.K.O.M.I: For connection improvement, please be kind enough to leave comments and questions wherever appropriate. Connection and signal strength will improve significantly once a two-way information relay is established.

Connection: Lost

Emergency Display: Active

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  1. 台灣還沒正式開放,目前國外才能玩,這是一款結合虛擬技術的遊戲,你要到外面到四處走走才能抓到寵物,在家是抓不到的

  2. Of courese Pokémon go is attractive to me, even if i,cannot catch Pokemons now, if the game is setted as what you said that it is very friendly to the reality, that’s good one. Thanks for review