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Welcome back to the data archive, let’s waste no time and continue from where we were up to before.

Unique Player Interaction Feature Information:
1. The functions of Gym
2. The Team
3. Gym Battle: Acquiring the Gym
4. Gym Battle: Defending the Gym

The functions of GYM

As for now, the only PVP (Player Vs Player) system incorporated in Pokémon Go is the GYM system. In our local area, interesting artifacts and monuments not only became Pokéstop for us to resupply our items, some of them also became GYMs.


Unlike the GYMs in the previous Pokémon series, there will be no NPC GYM leader for us to take down and we no longer earn our prestigious GYM badges as we took down a GYM. Instead, players and their teams can take ownerships of the GYM and earn Pikachu Coin (the in-game currency) in a daily fashion; of course, that is as long as they defend the GYM from the other team.

The Team

Once the player reached level 5 and tap on a nearby GYM, Dr Willow will appear and ask the player to choose a team to join, the available teams are the following:


Team Instinct (Yellow) – Represented by the icon of the legendary Pokémon Zapdos

Team Mystic (Blue) – Represented by the icon of the legendary Pokémon Articuno

Team Valor (Red) – Represented by the icon of the legendary Pokémon Moltres

There is no particular difference among the three teams for now, so players are free choose whichever team to join. However, I strong recommend to communicate with your friends first as changing team later in the game would not be possible (unless the player inform Niantic directly through email).

Gym Battle: Acquiring the Gym

If the player is lucky, he/she might come across an empty GYM which is in WHITE colour. In that case, the player can then tap on the bottom left icon to insert one of his/her Pokémon in the GYM and take ownership of the GYM. Afterward, the colour of the GYM will become the same as the player’s team (either Blue, Red or Yellow), and will be continuously displaying the inserted Pokémon on top of the GYM. Please be aware that only Pokémon with full HP can be put into the GYM to defend it.

If the GYM is owned by another team of different colour, the player have to battle with the GYM and its defending Pokémon by pressing the bottom right icon before he/she can claim it. In each GYM battle against another team, the player can use six of his/her Pokémon to challenge the enemy defending Pokémon. Initially, the game will automatically select six Pokémon with the highest CP (Combat Power) for the player to battle, however, if the Pokémon is not in full HP, the player have to manually select the Pokémon by tapping on the Pokémon he/she wanted to swap with.


Attack and Using Ability in GYM battle

Once the player enter the GYM battle interface, the background will be in the battle stadium. Once the countdown finished, the player is allow to attack the defending Pokémon freely, literally. Please be alert that player do not take turn to attack. The player have to actively tap on the defending Pokémon to attack it. The ability bar will be filled gradually with each attack. Once the ability bar is full, the player can use the Pokémon’s unique active ability to attack by pressing/holding down the screen of the smartphone. Once the charge is completed, the ability will be used automatically. The player can also swipe left or right to perform dodge, if the timing is correct, a “dodge” speech bubble will appear and no damage will be dealt on the player’s Pokémon.


The defending Pokémon will be controlled by AI (Artificial-Intelligence) program, therefore it will attack and use ability regularly and automatically.

If you can recall, I have briefly explained the Pokémon profile previously. Each Pokémon comes with an attack and an ability, both being displayed on the Pokémon profile.


The number on the right of the attack/ability indicates how powerful the particular attack/ability is. The type the attack/ability is shown right below the name of the attack/ability. Obviously, stronger abilities have longer charge bars (blue bar), and the number of charge bar represent how many time the Pokémon can use the ability. (e.g. 4 bars will mean that the player can save up and use the ability 4 times all at once before charging the bars again).


Just in case, I will bring up the data of different types of attack/ability and how they can be used effectively in GYM battle.

Super Effective and Not So Effective

When the player’s Pokémon performed an attack/ability or being attacked by an attack/ability of a particular type or element, double damage will be dealt if the attack/ability is effective against the Pokémon on the receiving end, a “Super Effective” speech bubble will appear on top of the attack/ability receiving Pokémon. In the contrast, only half of the original damage will be dealt if the attack/ability is not effective against the Pokémon on the receiving end, a “Not So Effective” speech bubble will appear on top of the attack/ability receiving Pokémon.


Teaming Up

Every victory will decrease the prestige level of the enemy GYM by a certain amount. The more defending monster you defeat, the more prestige level of the enemy GYM will lose. Once the prestige level of the enemy GYM reaches 0, the GYM will change back to white colour and anyone can claim it. Multiple player from the same team can attack the GYM simultaneously, though each player can only see his/her own Pokémon battling the defending Pokémon, but the defending Pokémon will take all the damage from all the attacking Pokémon.

Swapping Pokémon during battle

The player can swap different Pokémon during the battle to prevent being counter by the enemy Pokémon’s type/element. Simply press the swapping icon on bottom right and select another Pokémon of your choice to battle.

Running from GYM battle

If player decided that he/she cannot win against the defending Pokémon in the GYM, he/she can run away from the battle by pressing the escape icon on top left and forfeit the battle.

After the battle

Pokémon that got defeated in enemy GYM battle will be knock out and can only be recovered by using the item Revive. Pokémon that got defeated in friendly GYM battle will remain conscious and have 1 HP, player can simply use potion/super potion/hyper potion to recover the Pokémon’s HP. Please keep in mind as Pokémon will not be able to recover HP automatically as time elapse.

Collect GYM ownership reward from shop

Every 22 hours, player can collect reward from the shop if he or she have Pokémon defending GYM. Each Pokémon will give 500 stardust and 10 Pikachu coin, each player can only put 1 defending Pokémon in 1 GYM, and the maximum reward is 5000 stardust and 100 Pikachu coin.

Gym Battle: Defending the Gym


If the GYM is owned by the player’s team, the player can then train at the friendly GYM to raise its prestige level. The different between enemy GYM battle and friendly GYM training is that the player can only use 1 Pokémon to perform training battle in the friendly GYM. The more defending Pokémon it defeat, the more prestige exp the GYM will receive. Each prestige level will allow any player from the same team to put 1 extra defending Pokémon in the GYM. Any player can tap the GYM and see all the defending Pokémon in the GYM. Even though it will be harder and harder to raise a GYM’s prestige level, but theoretically there is no limit on the number of defending Pokémon in a GYM.

Each ring under the top platform represent 1 prestige level.

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