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1. Player’s Character Level

The player character level is very important and should be focused on in the early stage of the game. A high player character level will have many strategic advantages compared to other gamer. After interviewing various gamers, I have concluded the following:

– The Search Sensor will have a greater radius as the player’s character level increase. Therefore a character level 20 player can detect hidden Pokémon from a great distance away from the Pokémon’s actually spawn point. This is an amazing advantage as sometime you can just catch a Pokémon from…your bedroom!

– As the player’s character level increase, gamer can unlock better items such as Berries, Hyper Potion, Great-ball, Ultra-Ball and other amazing items. Once the specific item is unlocked, it can be collected from any Pokéstop. This allows gamer whose character level is high a better chance to catch Pokémon with berries and great/ultra-ball; also it offers a greater efficiency for recovering HP after GYM battles.

– Each Pokémon spawns in the same area for all Pokémon Go player, but its initial CP is heavily based on the player’s character level. Even though all wild Pokémon spawns with random CP, but a high character level player is almost guaranteed to capture a high initial CP Pokémon when compared with low character level player. Very often, the difference in initial CP might be 100% (e.g. a 600 CP Pikachu and a 60 CP Pikachu) even with 1 or 2 character level difference.

– The player’s character level determines how strong (in terms of CP) his/her Pokémon can be. When using candies to power up Pokémon, there is a CP limit; and this particular limit will gradually lift off as the player’s character level increase. So even if you have all the stardusts and candies in the world, your Pokémon might not be able to level up further unless you level up!

Character level EXP can be obtained from walking, hatching Pokémon egg, collecting items from Pokéstop, catching/evolving Pokémon and training/battling in GYM. Therefore I strongly recommend to use a Lucky Egg before you plan to perform massive walking/hatching/collecting/catching/evolving/fighting!


2. GYM battle advices

After witnessing countless GYM battles personally, I can offer a couple advices for player who intends to participate in this unique PVP system, they are:

Always try to challenge enemy-team’s GYM in groups of 3 or more. This way, you can take down the GYM faster as all same team member can attack at once. Afterward, you and your friends can then take over the GYM, train in it, and put down 3 or more defending Pokémon by leveling the GYM to certain levels. This way the GYM can remain in the procession of your team for a longer period of time, and this is crucial for accumulating rewards from shop.

When battling, try to tap (attack) the enemy Pokémon slower as rapid tapping might cause lag/delay in server-client relay. Most of the time, rapid tapping will cause error/bugs in GYM battle phrase, rendering you unable to control your own Pokémon or the enemy Pokémon’s HP remain at 1 even after fatal damage (this won’t do you any good as the enemy AI will just keep attacking you…pretty much for free).

Do not forget to use the ‘swap’ command to swap between Pokémon to prevent being counter. Since the type of your Pokémon and its ability effects the outcome of the battle significantly, it will be wise to swap your Pokémon with another different type of Pokémon before the situation gets worse.

At low CP battle, try to avoid using the Dodge command. Due to possible server lag/delay, the command Dodge is not as useful in battle as it often fail to actually ‘dodge’ enemy attack. So tapping and holding for active skill is key to success in most GYM battle.

Status ailments have not yet been implemented in Pokémon GO yet. So ailment such as poison, burn, frozen and paralyze do not exist in the game yet.

If the enemy GYM have too many defending Pokémon in it, do not give up, you can eventually still win over the GYM. If R.I.S.E.M.A.R.A did his job properly, you would’ve know that the number of defending Pokémon in a GYM is directly related to the GYM’s prestige level. Even if you cannot win against all the defending Pokémon in the enemy GYM, winning a couple matches early on can reduce the GYM’s prestige level, once the GYM drop a level (e.g. from 7 to 6), one of the defending Pokémon will be evicted from the GYM. If repeat this particular process, anyone can take down any GYM as long as he/she keep trying.

After victory, try to occupy an empty GYM as soon as possible. Your hard work may end in vain if another player from another just put down a defending Pokémon faster than you; as anyone can put down any Pokémon to claim an empty GYM.


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  1. Thank you for the guide!
    For some reasons I am still unable to set up a team of Pokemon though. When I entered gym for some reasons I can only enter one pokemon, thus I am unable to swap my pokemon.

    Any advice?