【QooReview】Poison Snake? Hell Hound and Raging Dragon? Tsk Tsk Tsk, they are nothing but food in front of my knife and fork!


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Omoha everyone! This is Azerith. It surely has been a while, the connection between Shuma and your cyber space had finally become stabled once again, and therefore I can forge some new connections for gamers.

Recently, my sensor picked up a new feed, and after I trace back the feed, I discovered this new smart phone app game called The Maze of Grand Marche (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: the term “Marche” is a French word and it refers to “Big Markets”, the “Grand” in front of that is just to make it… “Fresh” I suppose?)

About the Creators

Developed by the indieszero Co., Ltd., and published by renowned Square Enix, The Grand Maze of Marche is a maze-exploring RPG with a unique background context, which is cooking! (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Articulating Chinese Old Proverb: 民以食為天). As some of you pro gamer might already know, the phrase “indie games” is referring to video games developed/created by individual or small team without the finance support of a video game publisher. Founded in 1997, indieszero Co., Ltd. had been making many amazing titles for almost a decade. Achieving success in different spectrum of video game console and format, including smartphone, NDS and Wii, indieszero Co., Ltd. had gave birth to bestselling series such as Theatryhythm in both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. On the other hand, do I really need to tell you guys about the almighty Square Enix? From the verge of collapsing to its dominating position in the video game industry today, just because of they never give up on having a “Fantasy” of their own. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: It really tells you how important it is to have a “dream” and keep on “dreaming”…)


About the game

The Maze of Grand Marche is a maze-exploring RPG game that is fairly similar to Gumball Dungeon. Player will be acting as a gourmet adventurer who accidentally taste the “awakening apple” (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: The Adam and Eve in a new era!) and able to see the cooking spirits ソルシェ (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: It sort of means prophet or magician, in French.) Together with the new found companions, you will be set out on a journey to Grand Marche; a place rich in vegetable, fish, meat and other cooking ingredient. Your goal is to search for the legendary ingredient for the legendary dish! (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: My Stomach can’t wait for this! Wait, I am a robot…)

Uploading Archive Data…

Initial Configuration

Before getting into the game, players are required to complete a simple 3 step settings.

Step 1 – Agree with the Terms of Service


Step 2 – Confirmation of Date of Birth (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Please don’t pretend to be some 5 years old kids, as you cannot change it later in the game, which means this will affect your in-game purchase ability.)


Step 3 – Decide your in-game name


The final bit is the data download


Choosing your own cooking spirit ソルシェ

Players will decide which cooking spirit to be partnered with. The decision can be change ONCE without consequence later in the game. So feel free to pick anything for now. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: The オススメ = recommended, there is no obvious advantage in the recommended cooking spirit, and the recommendation will change from time to time, so please don’t think too much about it)


Meat Spirit (RED)
If partnered, more meat ingredient will be dropped by monster.

Fish Spirit (BLUE)
If partnered, more fish ingredient will be dropped by monster.

Vegetable Spirit (GREEN)
If partnered, more fish ingredient will be dropped by monster.

Tutorial Maze – 1

Inside a maze, players will need to flip the questions panel to find stairway and exit portal to get out. Behind the panel, there could be items, weapon/amour, monster and empty space. If the panel is empty, all successive empty panel next to it will be reveal as well. Once we found the stairway, players can then advance to the next level of the maze.

To maximize your chance of winning, it will be wise to construct more facility on other number blocks of land.


Tutorial Maze – 2

At the second floor of the maze, things become a bit more different. Yellow (or coloured) panel indicates there is a monster nearby. Monster will cause panels around it to be coloured; as the colour become darker, more monsters will be around that particular panel. If low HP or trying to get out of the maze, player can use that particular colour-coded information to get out of sticky situation.



Once a monster is appeared, player can then attack the monster by tapping on the monster icon. Player’s attack and defence is shown on the top of the screen, and each time the player attack, the monster will strike back. The monster’s HP and attack is also visible on the monster icon.


Once enough energy is gathered, player can use individual character’s special skill to assist in battles. Simply click on the character icon once there is a number on the bottom right of the character icon. (T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Please be aware that the number 0 won’t…just in case someone is wondering *sweat*)


After escaping from the maze, player can see the result summary page. The result page records various statistic information and maze mission. Completing each maze mission will grant 10 gem, and player can use these gem to find new companion for help in maze explore.


At last, we have come to the most exciting part of all RPG game. The GACHA! Each GACHA will require 300 gems. The first time gacha after the tutorial is free and will guaranteed a 4 stars or above companion. So good luck guys!

Syndetira’s Note

Even though there are more features in the game that I haven’t covered yet, but I decided to leave it here and let you guys discovered the rest of the fun elements in the game. I am going to warn you guys, this is going to be a very addicting game. I believe this is the first time for Square Enix to introduce something without Player Stamina Count, meaning gamers can keep playing, keep playing and literally keep playing all the time. The maze-exploring feature of the game is challenging and fun as well, just like Gumball Dungeons, gamer can easily spend hours and hours in the maze without realizing how much time had gone pass. The game had certain in-depth element designed to keep the player entertained (e.g. the notorious premium point gacha). I am very confident that this will be a great game and I am looking forward to share more in-depth information/strategies with you all in the future.

T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Jammer Wave Incoming…estimated remaining connection time: Minimal.

Opps, looks like I am out of time. The download link of the game can be found in below.

As always, I will try to reconnect and share more new game connection with you folks once the signal becomes stables again. In the meantime, don’t overeat and ..bec…om..e….a….fatt….y!

T.S.U.K.O.M.I: For connection improvement, please be kind enough to leave comments and questions wherever appropriate. Connection and signal strength will improve significantly once a two-way information relay is established.

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