【Qoo@IGS2016】MyCafeStory3 DONBURISHOP




The third episode of My Cafe Story series is out now! Emi-chan has came up to a new idea, serving various Donburi (bowl rice in Japanese) to us! If you want to also try the previous version of My Cafe Story, (which is managing a chocolate shop) you can download it from here.

Let’s start a Donburi house!

Everything started from another lazy day dream of Emi-chan’s. A simple thought drove her to a new try, just because she is a undoubtedly foodie… “Donburi” is a genre of common fast meal in Japan, simply putting toppings on a bowl of rice would do the job. Yet, a classic Donburi has to be go with well-chosen ingredients and also a good balance in tastes. So let’s begin the adventure to the best Donburi!ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ


( ՞ټ՞) Brand new partner for Emi’s brand new Donburi house, seems like the tenant of this Donburi house did not know Emi’s past quite well…

It’s harvest Time!(∂ω∂)

Ingredient is the key towards a successful dish, so a good cook would choose the fresh raw materials all by himself! So first thing you do is to move yourself to Grandpa’s farm! There are all kinds of vege and seafood that open up your creativity to a brand new recipe. 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。

By clicking the “!”, you can expand the area by paying money you have earned. The larger the area you own, the more the variety of ingredients you can get.


( ՞ټ՞) Grandpa becomes tons of Salmon roe and avocado… Grandpa what are you?! (´゚д゚`)

Mix and match for new Donburi!

You can use the ingredients in two ways : either you can use it as supply materials for servings, or you can use it in recipe exploration.There are up to 60 types of recipes, including seafood, meat donburi and soups. I wonder are all those recipes are workable in real life, it looks quite fresh.


By adjust the servings number and selling it out, you can level the Donburi up and then raise the price of it. Make up your mind and be focused on one particular kind of Donburi, so you can be a specialist in such!


If you have no idea how the recipes could be, you can go to the “hint” part to get full list of materials. Or you can directly go to chat room during the game, either the speech bubble button or the failure page.

(helping chat room)


Some other miscellaneous…

Besides the food stuff, you need to also manage the budget on the furnitures and settings. A rising in popularity requires more serving tables and chairs. Take a walk to the town and you can shop all you can have for your ever growing restaurant.


(๑╹◡╹๑) As time goes by, more and more interesting faces coming up to this tiny home made Donburi house. Such as an African foreigner with an Afro. (such typical Japanese character kind…)

Final words
Such a healing simulation game, relaxing stressful life! The game pace is not rushing so that I can come back at any time I want. I love cooking but hate that when I have no time to experiment something new! I think I am gonna try out some of the interesting recipes in the game…

Still, I think the gameplay is a bit too “focused”. There can be new features letting players to show creativities on recipes or the outfit of Emi. If players can share not just tips but their own recipes or plating, there would be great interactions between players.

Reminds me of good old flash game…

Such raw materials to serving game flow reminds me of the very classic McDonald’s running game (McDonalds Video Game). For who is not sharing same childhood as me, this is a McDonald’s simulation game letting player to run a continuous line service.

( ՞ټ՞) This have been so addictive it occupied days in my childhood.



本日開店!超美味食堂 akerusoft 評分: 3.8 安裝