【Qoo@DT2016】Barrage type Clash of Clan! Lightning Rangers demo



Many people once played Clash of Clan (COC), which need customize your village, build an army and crush your opponents. But Lightning Rangers has more special way of playing, by using barrage shooting.

The game was designed by a five people team, Uwan Studio, with over ten years related games designing experiences (mainly shooting games). The reason why they decided to create a game packed with COC is that the previous games always hard core, most of the players are males and after battles in COC players sometimes found nothing to do. The new Lightning Rangers combined easy base simulation with Uwan Studio’s experiences of shooting games.

The game will release on Q4 this year, please follow our further report.

warSame as COC, players can conquer enemies’ base

WAR2We were attacked by defenders’ turrets. Beware!

Gameplay Video (Chinese)