【Qoo News】 Indie VR game “Sleeping Gardila”



VR game “Sleeping Gardilla” is made by a Chinese Indie team. It is a VR action game, set to be released on the PSVR, iOS & Android platform at the start of 2017.

In the lives of some people, some there is no future nor is there a past yet they hold onto this very moment tightly. This is Gardila, the pain of death does not relate to him, staring into to beauty ahead of him he rediscovered his dignity in life. This story projects the character’s will to live through the road to death. Players will use VR glasses to experience the world and heart of Gardilla. Experiencing the past he have fought and the fear of death that he is facing. This game uses a first person perspective, especially designed to observe the interaction of the game. Also using the element of 360view for the different levels, giving the players a brand new experience.


Lee: The character’s name is Gardila, originating from the word Guardian. Guardila is a guardian of a region. His physique is slightly longer than the human species, and lives up to around 400 years old. The biological status of Gardilla though, maintains as a 30 year old. He has been watching over this region for multiple generations, encountered many intruders and enemies, yet they were all defeated by him. Sadly, he did not come out with a victory in this battle. Ending up laying in the middle of the forest, slowly dying. Here is when the game begins.

Since birth, gardilla was born with deformed facial features, that is why he is constantly wearing a mask, have no friends and very introverted. After experiencing some time of a poor and exilic life, he was finally adopted by this village and was raised here. Because of his extremely powerful physique, he became the guardian of this village and thus was greatly loved by everyone but he still somewhat struggles with communicating. The primary weapon of Gardilla is his mask with spiritual powers. Wearing a different mask will transform him into a different state with different combat abilities. Throughout the game, players will constantly collect different masks to expand the power of Gardilla, also the story behind each mask will be explained.

In this world, humans don’t bleed, and the element iron is nonexistent. When humans die, they will not decompose, instead they will turn into hard crystal stones. These stones are used to create humanly materials. Gardilla discovered that making masks with these stones will bring along the power of that dead person, therefore he collected the mask of all the dead enemies in battle making it into his own weapon. As the gates of death begin to approach Gardilla, he realises that he will also turn to a crystal stone and will recollect the memories of the enemies from his past. The memories and their battles, you try to save their souls. Players can experience the psychological changes of the character throughout the game.

Q: Approximately when will the game be officially released?
Lee: Spring of 2017 on the PSVR platform.

Q: What other new elements will be on the official version?
Lee: The official version will include 48 total levels in the campaign, if you successfully complete it, you should have 180 minutes of VR game experience. Also a single player space combat mode, multiplayer mode, and “new memories” boss mode will be released.



Q: At the start of the game, the player is able to freely browse, and at a certain time the background will change. Is this a time related animation or does the character have to do specific actions to trigger it?
Lee: When we are switching backgrounds, we are attempting to explain the story. There is still a lot to improve though, please understand.

Q: It’s fine! The environment in the game is very soothing, giving people thoughts of wanting to live there. Extremely excited for the official version!
Lee: Thanks!