【Qoo@DT2016】Interview of HeroG in Digital Taipei



Hello, your game HeroG also join QooApp’s Original Games Tour in 2016?
Yes, our HeroG has already shown on QooApp last week.

What is the special meaning of the name HeroG?

G is the first word of Gallus, the character of our game. And the pronunciation is similar to the Chinese “雞”, which means chicken. The whole meaning of HeroG is hero chicken.


Why did you choose chicken as your hero? Interested in chicken in particular?
Haha, we decided to choose human at the first time, but it seems too normal. We have tried many species, as a result, the chicken is the most perfect and ideal figure, both simple and cute, and easy to design their equipments. So it turns out to be chicken, and it is quite free to design chicken related things.


The game now is collaborated with Crossover Rabbit, anything special?

Unlike other games, the cooperative activity has something in depth. We designed many stories for the rabbit, and the exclusive play, just like the rabbit also enter into the world, very funny!


How will the HeroG develop further?
The chicken might come to the earth, but we are still conceiving the story.