【Qoo@DT2016】United the weak to attack the strong. Demo of Infini Studio’s strategic mosquitos’ game



Picture from the official website

Players must familiar with Nick Hsu and his team Infini Studio from TIMU, their APP game title The Guys won awards in 2014. This time they brought a 3D real-time strategic game, Ennnnnn, in Digital Taipei 2016. Players act as a mosquito commander to attack other alien creatures.


Swarms of mosquitoes Strategy

As a mosquito master commander, players can choose a mosquito warrior from the left side of the screen. Although the enemy is huge with high HP, you can turn the tables by using swarms of mosquitoes and commanding well.


Exploit enemies’ weaknesses

You can take the initiative to use different skills. As the figure shows below, we can aim at the swings of the creature to beat. There will be more monsters and skills in the official version. It will be released by the end of this year. Please follow our further report.


Gameplay Video (Chinese)

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