【Qoo@DT2016】Interview of Mr.Catt in Digital Taipei



Mr.Catt is a puzzle game, players work to connect three same-color blocks and erase them, particularly erase all the blocks with stars. It is moderate to play without using much time.


It not means Mr.Catt is easy to play. Each time the falling blocks are random and cannot be moved, so you must think carefully before collocating your blocks.


For instance, some levels needed to erase 5 blocks and boom the surrounding blocks. And other levels needed to form lightning blocks to erase remote blocks.


The game’s graphics include exquisite and artistic pictures, and the carefully composed music and sound effects will make you lose yourself in the fantastic game world. A rich variety of fun and appealing details can be found throughout the game’s many areas.

7QUARK CEO Guo Bingjun’s introduction of Mr.Catt:

Q: What is the storyline of the game?
A: The black cat will join you as you embark on a memorable journey together through the Milky Way in search of the white cat. The content is quite simple and multi-language can choose.

Q: What items can users purchase in game?
A: Players can buy items to help clearing stages, like eliminate blocks.

Q: How many stages it has? Will have any additions in the future?
A: 300 is the top level at present, the higher level, the more difficult mode, and also some special blocks will appear. We will add new levels in regular.

Q: Did the story have an end now?
A: Its like a novel and just finished 1 episode. The journey to be continued.