【Qoo News】Nintendo: “Super Mario Run” Starting stage for Android. iOS is scheduled to be released in December to 150 countries.



Nintendo gave a sneak peek on some information regarding the final accounts for season 2 2016. It includes some info about Super Mario’s “Super Mario Run” mobile game that was showcased back in September. Nintendo announces that since there are already more than 20 million players, they will also release an Android version.For the final accounts, Nintendo could not be sure for the release schedule for “Super Mario Run”, but they are synchronizing. Besides, when the iOS version first came out, it was only connected with 100 countries.



Today there are around 150 countries and looking to delive rmore in December. About the price, the game can be played for free but to fully enjoy the game you must buy in game money. Don’t worry, there game has safes to prevent kids from unintentionally buying game gold. More information will be released in the future. Also, “Super Mario Run” will be commented to the Nintendo social app “Miitomo.