【Qoo News】 SQUARE ENIX announced to be releasing a mobile series of “Final Fantasy”!


Today (Oct 28th) SQUARE ENIX announced the official website for the mobile version of “Final Fantasy”. It is set be be public in 5 days.


Right now on the official website, you’ll only see a FF series illusion created by Yoshitaka Amano. With a quote by the creator (Takashi Tokita) that says “Final Fantasy has characters full of charm. A dramatic battle crossed with anger and sadness. Most importantly, don’t forget your fantasy.” Also, the black and white illusion shows a girl and a clock that seems to represent “I-XII”, will this work be a combination of all 12 generations? We can only wait for SE to answer these questions.


Takashi Tokita have led to create multiple well known games like “Final Fantasy IV”, “半熟英雄”, “寄生前夜” etc. Since a kid, he has always wanted to be an actor, therefore he is very good at making games with amazing characters and very vivid stories.

Official Game Website: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/FF_NEW/jp/