【Qoo Downloads】SQUARE ENIX develops new RPG piece “GuroMon(ぐるモン)” Releases have begun for iOS/Android!



A mobile game under SQUARE ENIX was first exposed during the [Tokyo Game Show 2016]. The main play of the game is to collect different “GuroMon(ぐるモン)” as buddies and to go on an adventure in Japan with them. The game uses GPS to locate you and it supports up to 3 players nearby to assist your battles. The game have just debuted yet it already has more than 200 “GuroMon” and officials say that they will continue to add more each month.



One day the main character was discovered by organization GAFT after he have solved a major problem. Since then, the world knew about the existence of “GuroMon”. At first they were just incredible humans that wouldn’t be seen by humans, the most they do would be pranking humans. But among them, the “グレモン” will stir up some really crazy trouble and GAFT is here to solve these problems. As the main character you are the chosen one and alongside with “GuroMon” you will go on an adventure in Japan.


As a celebration for a good start, all players that log in before November 15th can get a stone. If you Q eggs are interest then go download the game and go break a leg!


iOS: AppStore


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