[Qoo Anime] Monster Strike anime movie visual revealed


Adapted from Mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike (iOS/Android), the anime film Monster Strike The Movie has just revealed the main visual.

Monster Strike The Movie is adapted from the famous smartphone game Monster Strike which was developed in 2013. The movie focuses on friendship and the adventurous childhood story of protagonist Rin, his friends and the "monsters". It will explain the truth behind the Monster Strike anime series.

The movie adaption involves a powerful production team consisting of Yoichi Kato from Yokai Watch and Space Brothers as Story Creator, Taku Kishimoto from Haikyuu!! and Erased as scriptwriter, Shinpei Ezaki from Gunslingers Stratos as director. The voice cast includes Maaya Sakamoto, Lynn, Juri Kimura and Tomo Muranaka as the main characters.

Monster Strike The Movie will be shown in Japan's theater starting from 10 Dec, 2016.

Official movie website:http://anime-movie.monster-strike.com/

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