[Qoo News] Monster Hunter’s spin-off mobile game gets over 100,000 pre-reg


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Japanese developer Capcom announced on 7 January that its upcoming mobile game, Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories (iOS/Andriod), which is set to be released in Winter this year, has reached over 100,000 of pre-registration. An in-game gift will be made available once the number of pre-registration reaches 150,000.

The in-game gift is a limited legendary sword. It will be given to all players once the game gets over 150,000 pre-registrations.


▲The limited legendary sword

Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter share the same story setting. Players take up the role of monster knight and go on an adventure with monsters and otomon. Otomon from the Stories series are given an adorable design in Otomon Drop. The gaming system is easy. Players have to connect and eliminate the otomons in order to land a blow on the enemy’s monster. There will even be 3D animations when a killing blow is landed.

This game supports 4-player cooperation.

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