Q 0: What is QooApp ?

A:  QooApp is an Android game platform, providing JP & KR mobile gaming resources for non-Japanese users.

Started Jan 2014, QooApp has brought together over 7 million gamers around the world and helped improve their gaming experience.

Download Issues

Q 1:  Is QooApp safe?

A: All games/apps listed in QooApp are from 1)Official developers/publishers 2) Google Play store , so they are 100% safe.

HOWEVER, there has been found a few copycat versions of QooApp, please be aware and always download from QooApp official site.


Q 2:  Why did I fail to download? 

A: Please try:

1. Update QooApp to the latest;

2. Find you phone’s [Settings] – [Applications] – Find [QooApp], then try [Clear Data].


Q 3:  What to do when the message shows : Download failed because you may not purchase this application ?
A:   This probably is because the game data files are not properly installed, refer to the instruction on Game Info page. Download files from mega and place them in OBB folder. Tutorial here. 

Installation Issues

Q 4:   What to do when the message shows :  Parse Error ?
A: Possible reason for Parse Error should be due to the apk not complete.
Please go to [ Profile ]- [My games] , click the folder icon on the right, delete the APK file. Then try download and install again.


Q 5:  What to do when the message shows : Application not installed ?
A:  Application not installed, is often due to:
a. Lack of memory, so you can clear some space (at least more than 10% of total memory )
b. Your phone’s default storage is SD card (instead of phone), try set it your phone in [Settings].
c. Crash with previous download records, so you can try to clear cache and data of [ google play ] app.
d. A recently discovered problem with android 6.0 while merging SD card with internal memory. The only solution I’ve found so far: to un-merge, and move the game to internal memory first, then merge again if you like to.


Q 6:  What to do when I cannot press [ Install ] button ?
A: Turn off  [Bluelight filter] and other light adjusting apps, then it should be fine.


In-game Issues

Please be noted:  QooApp is not the developer of the game, if the problem is inside the game, I cannot fix the problem.

Q 7:  Why can’t I enter the game?
A: If you cannot start the game at all, for example, black screen or crash at the first screen.  Then

1. Perhaps the lack of google service framework,

2. Your device is rooted, and some games forbid rooted devices to enter.

3. Your phone is quite rare or not popular models in Japan, there is a chance that the game itself doesn’t support your device, that there’s no way to solve.


Q 8:  Why does the game always crashes?
A:  Sometimes after playing the game for a while, it crashes.  If that’s the case, make sure you clear enough RAM for the game to run, turn off other unused apps.


Q 9:  Can I get my account back if I do a factory reset?


Before factory reset, please look for 1. account sync function 2.  account transfer code function

If you do a factory reset without doing any of them,  there’s very little (almost zero) chance you can get it back by yourself.  You can contact the game developer to see if there’s any luck getting it back. Good Luck!



Suggest New Game

Q 10: Can I suggest a new game to QooApp?
A: Yes! Actually, QooApp lists most of the games upon users’ suggestion, you can Suggest New Game here.  However, you are strongly recommended to read    The rules of Suggest New Game first. 


Contact QooApp

Q 11:None of the above fit my problem! How can I contact QooApp?
A:  Here’s email of Mr.Qoo:  mr@qoo-app.com .   Feel free to chat.