[Qoo Weekly Highlights] 2016 October week 4 game highlights




QOOAPP 偶像事變的圖片搜尋結果

Another idol music game but this piece seems to separate from the mainstream. The characters in the performance songs are all Q model versions, and the lottery prices are relatively cheaper too but only for the clothing section. Sounds too good to be real but it is up to you to judge if this setting is good or not. The game music isn’t bad either, also a reminder, the anime version of this piece will be released next year January. With so many idol concept games, will the market be able to digest it? (curious)



This game is a complete Kairisei Million Arthur system that deviates from its nature. Friends, if you guys are already playing and enjoy Kairisei Million Arthur, there really isn’t a reason to jump onto this train. For friends that have never tried card games like that before though, give it a try, it is quite interesting (especially when you are busting levels with your buddies). This game is debatable because of the gacha system that got added in. Further in the stages, you won’t be able to move on unless you have the right card (happens all the time) then you will be forced to draw another one. It is a balance error towards the later stages of the game.


1.「超犯規」陷阱型方塊手遊《18 Dreamers》開始事前登錄!

The Japanese version have been out for some time already and to interest players with the Chinese version, there has to be more benefits. I must believe that you’ve all collected 5 stars multiple times right? Biggest reason probably being the game’s hardness is very low (officials have claimed to will adjust that), to suit more audience. (The Japanese version is not only harder but also very time consuming, scaring away many players.)

Unrelated but personally I feel that this piece follows the shadow of PERSONA, perhaps the character setting and story setting. (Ex: Many sides to human nature, second world etc..)

FOURTH PLACE: The uncertain magic CBT “ららマジ”


The game is still under testing so not too many people are discussing about it. Just like “Sword Art Online Memory Defrag”, and “追憶之青”, it is also made by Wright Flyer Studios. The company have already released 3 similar games in a short period of time. To the bone these games are no doubt action games, also they have a similar system. The difference is that their skins are IP/moe/classic. Maybe their goal was to package the same game differently to interest different audiences.
NOTICE: Beta Test has ended on Oct 26th 2016

FIFTH PLACE: Alice and the romantic magic “イケメン革命◆アリスと恋の魔法 恋愛ゲーム”


Amazing characters! This piece is drawn by TCB, with a popular “Alice” concept. The story portrays Alice (player) coming to a second world with the ability to reflect magic, ending up to create the army of the red and army of the black fighting for Alice. The choices of the player will also directly affect the side you are on. Using pretty boys is apart of the system, but while developing feelings for them, the system also added more language, I guess it does make it a little more interesting huh?

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tHLxYktQL 2BbdmeV6fkrBjxdqGzbL1SogBo5 n UUcNo hHYNWzTHt40JI8CFI4tQ=w300 アイドル事変 HarvesT/BBB Corporation :
18 Dreamers GameNation :
c660ec9556af606114bf0f36365ac07a85b5fe93 ららマジ Wright Flyer Studios :
XT0 uZnt85uc95zZUoWSTEsdIBR6H3 3Dyj brNP7b10WaWPKNJreJVP3DXzW5fZpQ 美男革命 – 愛麗絲與戀之魔法 | 日版 CYBIRD 評分: 4.6 安裝