[Qoo News] NEXON, “DUGANGO” will undergo packaging and testing in December.


Korean game company NEXON announced today (Nov 3rd) that the high level survival game MMORPG “DURANGO” will undergo a limited testing in December.


This test will be the 3rd time the game is tested. The testing time starts at the beginning of December and could possibly last for 4 weeks or longer. It is a test for the world version. Players could try the tribal battles and go on some dinosaur adventures. There will still be a new building system and costume systerm waiting for players to come explore.


The test is synced for both servers and players with a “limited testing key” are eligible to play. Booking page will open on November 17th on their website, and the schedule will also be announced with more detail at that time. Also today (Nov 3rd) NEXON posted a photo on their facebook page. Through the photo, you can tell the interactions in the game with dinosaurs etc.


“DURANGO” is the new work deriving from “MabinogiDuel”. Humans are thrown back to the dinosaur era for unknown reasons. These modern humans have to create a society out of this difficult situation. Players have to survive in the wild, explore, hunt, and build society. The game seems very complicated but it is a game never seen before.


OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PlayDurangoKorea