[Qoo Review] This anime music video makes millions cry


Anime music video is not something new. In fact, many Japanese pop singers like turning their music pieces into short animes, but this is an unlikely way for the western musicians. Somewhere in the United States, there is a young musician who tried this approach recently, and he succeeded – in making millions cry.


Shelter is an anime music video produced by American DJ Porter Robinson and A1 production, a Japanese animation studio who also produced popular titles like Erased. The song for this anime is produced by Robinson himself and his fellow DJ friend Madeon. It tells the story of a 17-year-old girl who lives alone in a beautiful simulated world that can be altered at anytime. But no, she is not Sandra Bullock in Gravity, and this is not a story about surviving loneliness. This is a story about fending off loneliness and realizing no one is ever alone.

The message does indeed sound pretty positive, but Robinson has used the most cruel way – the most tragic story to bring it out. This is the reason why it now has over 5 millions views and tons of viewers have commented on how they cried like a baby.

Watch the video now and experience it yourself. Prepare tissues. You have been warned.