[Qoo Download] 3D mobile RPG Bravery Chronicle released


Japanese developer NHN hangame has partnered up with Korean developer LOCOLOGIC ENTERTAINMENT for mobile RPG Bravery Chronicle. The game has been released earlier today (10 November) on both iOS and Android platforms.

Bravery Chronicle is set in a world where it is invaded by monsters after the awakening of a gigantic ancient monster Deathtoll. The protagonist Charis, who survives miraculously, then goes on an adventure with other heroes.



This game is a fantasy tactical RPG. It allows forming teams consisting of at most 4 players. Predicting the boss’s movement and forming terrain-based strategies are the key to win. The characters are voiced by well-known voice actors. This is definitely attractive to fans who adore them.



Bravery Chronicle has over 200,000 pre-registrations. Players will be given pre-reg gifts 400 diamonds, 100,000 gold coins, ★3 character Spica (CV: Chiwa Saito) and ★6 limited edition weapon Spica A La Mode. There will be a special event to celebrate the launch of the game. In-game notices will keep the players posted on the updates.

iOS download:Go to AppStore

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