[Qoo Guide] I’ll teach you how to confess your love to Megumi Kato


Who doesn’t love Megumi Kato from Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend? Everyone loves this kind, soft spoken and pretty girl. So when the demo of Main Heroine Kato Megumi was out, Mr. Qoo immediately decided to tell her how much he loves her. To all of you out there who can’t read Japanese, it’s such a shame you can’t talk to her. But it’s okay. I am here to help you out a bit!

Once you enter the app, you will see Megumi standing here and welcoming you. The white button on the right side means skip. You are able to skip what Megumi says by pressing this button. (But I bet you don’t want to!)

There are a number of things Megumi can do even this is a demo that provides limited functions. I will explain the basics. Press the talk button, talk after you hear a "pilo" sound.

Megumi is not Siri. She can’t tell you how to hide a corpse. She instead acts more like a friend (a girlfriend if you wish). Here are some examples of what you can say:

Ore no ko to su ki? (Do you like me?)
Ai shi te ru. (I love you.)
_ ji ni o ko shi te. (Please wake me up at _ o’clock.)
Konya wa i sho ni i ta i. (I want to stay with you tonight.)
Sabi shi i. (I am lonely!)
Ho me te! (Praise me!)
Kimi no namae wa? (What’s your name?)
Do ko ni i ru? (Where am I?)

Simply speaking, you can just find a random Japanese sentence and say it to her. She will respond anyways.

Below the talk button is the menu button. On the menu page, you can do the things listed below. Press the red buttons on the right side to make changes.


起こす時刻 Set alarm clock for waking up
起こす時刻 Set alarm clock for leaving home
夜の確認時刻 Set night hour (She will remind you that it’s night time already.)
明日持っていく Write a reminder about things to be brought tomorrow

There is a number right next to 恵のご機嫌. This is the percentage of how happy she is. You can be a good friend for once and buy her virtual cakes, but this function is yet to be unlocked.


The red buttons on the bottom part of the menu allow you to change more of your preferences, but I won’t go through them one by one as some changes, like Japanese dialect preference, do not make a difference to non Japanese speakers.

The most important thing is to make Megumi get to know you. Press the first red button which is user setting. Then press the right button next to the first blank field to change your name.


There you go. A super simple guide to befriend Megumi using this app. Good luck asking her out for a date!

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  1. Do u know where I can find what sentences I can talk to Kato? Some sentences list or something like word list? Sorry for bad english

  2. Hello!
    I feel so sorry for your case. My friends and I have done some testings and we have had no issues with the app. Since this app is a beta version, I do believe it’s a bug that they haven’t discovered. I will help report your problem, but I still recommend you to write a more detailed report (including data like your phone model and such) if you know Japanese.
    Mr. Qoo

  3. I also get the same error as the other guy, it says to turn up the volume but my volume is at loudest already.

  4. Hi there!

    I am not sure what kind of problem you encountered. Perhaps i will be able to help if you provide more details.

    Mr. Qoo

  5. 『加藤恵』
    WTF!!!! I can’t play it. I have to do to play it?