[Qoo News] Preview of Twin Star Exorcists on PS Vita revealed


Bandai Namco has released the second commercial video and a preview for its upcoming PS Vita action game, Twin Star Exorcists. The game is adapted from the manga of the same title.

Game characters and a conversation system are introduced In the videos. The latter allows players to understand the story better even though they have never read the manga and watched the anime. It is confirmed that the story will not be much different from that of the manga.

Twin Star Exorcists is originally a manga series illustrated by Sukeno Yoshiaki and serialized in Jump Square magazine. It has been made into a TV anime series that is still running.

Twin Star Exorcists on PS Vita will be released on 26 January, 2017. The price will be 5,700 yen plus tax, but 5,130 yen plus tax If purchased before 22 February, 2017.


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