[Qoo News] Dynasty Warrior Unleashed gameplay revealed in G-STAR



Mobile Dynasty Warrior Unleashed, which is based on Dynasty Warrior 7, was revealed in G-STAR 2016 in Busan, Korea. NEXON provided a trial gameplay section in the exhibition and showcased a variety of new modes.

NEXON was authorised by Japanese developer KOEI TECMO GAMES to release this mobile Dynasty Warrior that will hit the shelves in 2017. Players can choose
characters from the Three Kingdoms Period and form a team consisting of three characters to clear levels. It is possible to switch between the three characters during a mission.


This mobile version is quite different from the original franchise. Levels are defined by areas, boss battles and daily missions. Each character is assigned an elemental attribute and such attributes are effective to attack enemy weak spots of different kinds.

Game Interface




Trial gameplay


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