[Qoo News] Manga Hajimete no Gal announces an anime adaption


Love comedy manga Hajimete no Gal has announced an anime adaption. The official website is now available. Information regarding the release date and producer will be released on the official website and Twitter soon.

Hajimete no Gal is illustrated by Ueno Meguru and serialized in Monthly Shōnen Ace. Protagonist Jyun Ichi is a plain male high school student who wants to lose his virginity desperately. He then asks a Shibuya girl out and a mind-blowing romance story begins.

Serialisation started in November 2015. It has been so well-received that it took less than a year for this manga to get an anime adaption.

Official website: Hajimete no Gal
Monthly Shōnen Ace Twitter: Monthly Shōnen Ace