[Qoo News] Live-action Hyouka and main cast confirmed


Hyouka has long been rumored to be getting a live-action movie. The rumor has been confirmed to be true by official sources today (22 November). Kento Yamazaki and Arisu Hirose are cast as the protagonists. The movie will be released in 2017 in Japan.

Protagonist Hōtarō Oreki is a pragmatic high school student who is ordered by his sister to join the Classic Literature Club and stop it from being disbanded. Eru Chitanda is a curious girl who joins the club for a secretive reason. Together they start investigating the club magazine Hyouka, which was published 33 years ago, and the secrets behind the school cultural festival.

冰果▲ Characters’ headshots

Regarding the role of Oreki and Chitanda, Yamazaki said he would match the character by expressing limited emotions while Hirose expressed excitement for wearing school uniforms.