[Qoo Review] People are so hyped for being a pair of panties in this game


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There is nothing perverted. The developer has promised. Pan Pan is just a game where you play as panties and get to shoot up other panties.

Pan Pan is still in development. It is now on Steam’s Greenlight. Greenlight is a page where indie game designers can put up their games and see if the community likes them. Once the games get enough upvotes, Steam will release them. This is a simple shooting game. You are a warrior who fights against the evils using his/her panties. You interact with different panties and girls on your journey and the story unfolds as you do so.

∇ Different panties have different skills and weapons



This game has caught so much attention since its appearance on Greenlight. Many have been so hyped for it because the idea is novel. It even draws the attention of Japanese media. The Japanese seemingly find it funny and are very acceptive of it.

∇ I laughed so hard when I watched the preview.

∇ They (the panties) will flow mid-air if it’s like this haha!

The hype is real and the idea is surely new, but Mr. Qoo focuses more on the game mechanism. From the look of it, it is just another shooting game and the details about the story is very limited. The only thing special about it so far is playing as a pair of panties. Hopefully, the developer will release more previews and details. Otherwise, it will never get my upvote no matter how much I want to be a pair of flowery panties.

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