[Qoo News] Game of Dice crossovers with BIGBANG to launch events with signed CD giveaways



Korean developer Joycity has recently launched a BIGBANG event in its mobile game Game of Dice. QooApp has exclusive BIGBANG gift packs for QooApp users.

The crossover event introduces 6 limited edition skill cards with members’ photos and signatures. Once players own all five members’ skill cards, they can craft a ★6 BIGBANG Hurricane Skill. There are many other events in this collaboration. 9 signed BIGBANG CDs will be given to qualified participants.


How to get BIGBANG skill cards

1. BIGBANG members’ skill cards
– Purchase a special BIGBANG skill pack
2. BIGBANG Hurricane Skill
– Get a fragment of BIGBANG Hurricane Skill for each acquisition of ★6 BIGBANG members’ skill cards
– Collect 5 BIGBANG Hurricane Skill fragments to craft a ★6 BIGBANG Hurricane Skill

Additional BIGBANG event info

1. BIGBANG signed CD giveaway
9 signed CDs will be given to qualified players who are selected randomly through a lucky draw. Qualified players are those who have
– collected gears, namely Golden CD and CD, to craft a BIGBANG signed CD ticket or a BIGBANG Hurricane Skill
– acquired a special BIGBANG skill card verification
2. Hidden dialogue event
Send hidden BIGBANG-related sentences in a chatroom to acquire hidden gifts
3. Games
For each 2/4/8 rounds, 50,000 gold coins/character experience x3 and strengthened character x1/golden CD x1 will be acquired
4. CD collection
CD and Golden CD can be collected in exchange for a variety of gifts


Game introduction

Game of Dice is similar to Monopoly. Players’ tokens move around the board based on the dice they roll, and acquire land on their way in order to get more money. The winner is the one who is the wealthiest. The game is available in 7 languages including English.

Installing Game of Dice on QooApp to get exclusive prize. First come first served!
Date:25 November, 2016 ~ 1 December 2016
1. ★5 Skill Card x1
2. Big Bang Signed CD ticket x1
3. 100 gems


Official game website:http://god.joycity.com

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