[Qoo News] Mobile otome game Paranormal Kiss begins pre-registration today


Mobile otome game Paranormal Kiss(パラノーマルキス )has started pre-registration today (15th December). It is developed by GMO GameCenter and will be released in spring 2017 in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

The game is set in a futuristic Tokyo. Players take the role of a girl who is recruited by a world peace organisation, STAR, to manage a group of commanders with superpower. As the game proceeds, the girl eventually falls in love with one of the commanders.

iOS users who cannot pre-register through QooApp can do it via Twitter, Line and email.

Pre-registration giveaways
All players:20 Souseki (gems)
Over 5000 pre-reg: 20 Souseki
Over 10000 pre-reg: 20 Souseki
Over 30000 pre-reg: 40 Souseki
Over 50000 pre-reg: 100 Souseki and character Natsume Kagami

∇ Natsume Kagami16121511491465

∇ Preview video

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