[Qoo News] New sword Ookanehira will be featured in Touken Ranbu



Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-(刀剣乱舞 -ONLINE-)has revealed a new sword Ookanehira(大包平)that is voiced by Yuki Ono(小野友樹). He is a Tachi(太刀).

Ookanehira is a Yokozuna(横綱)sword like Doujigiriyasutsuna(童子切安綱), but he is considered to be a rival by the latter. He belongs to Ikeda Terumasa(池田輝政)and is usually the center of Uguisumaru’s(鶯丸)attention.

Rumor has it that Ookanehira can be acquired in the event Rentai-sen, which is also rumored to be starting later today after maintenance (Japan time).


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