[Qoo Review] 3 unusual mobile dating games for your fetishes


Are heavy breathing and neck kisses not enough for you?

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

Out of all mobile dating games, I have selected only three to quench your thirst. This means they are really extraordinary and will take your love life to a whole new level – I guarantee. Before we begin, there are a few things that should be clarified.

Dating a guy/girl who likes dressing up like the opposite gender – COMMON


Dating a guy/girl who has animal features like a tail and cat ears – COMMON

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Dating a vampire/werewolf/ghost/god/anything of this sort – COMMON


Now, let’s prepare for the real kind of unusual.

1. Nyuru Nyuru Academy EX(にゅるにゅるアカデミーEX)


Oh my, I am sure you guys love this one. How often can you date tentacles? In Nyuru Nyuru Academy EX, you play as a high school girl who studies at a school full of tentacles. They all excel in their very own way, for example, this pink tentacle is good at swimming because his skin is silky smooth.

Sadly, as much as you love tentacles, you can only date four, and that includes the pink one above. The others include a blue one that looks like he has pimples all over his face, a green one that has a mouth so big that he can suck your whole mouth when kissing, and a purple one that has big tits.




They know the exact way to charm you. 100% good boyfriend material.


Another thing that adds to the game’s unusualness is how it is not just a dating game! It has a backstory that is full of mysteries and actually quite creepy. You get to act like a detective for a while and figure things out by yourself. When you get tentacles, mysteries and dating in one game, you know it must be a 20 out of 10 game (10 out of 10 is not enough).

2. Uma no Prince sama(うまのプリンスさま)


You should date this horse because usual horses are not good enough. In this game, you are the owner of this racing horse that has a fabulous face and human feelings too. He is innocent and kind, and his mood is seriously affected by every word you say. Since you are the owner, he calls you his master. If you are the dominant type, if you are into pure guys that haven’t been tainted, this is the game for you.

Different objects appear from time to time for your horse prince. When a treadmill appears , tap the treadmill so he can run. When a carrot appears, tap the carrot so he can eat. These actions do not seem that fun, but remember, you are taming, nurturing and pampering a handsome guy/horse. You have full control of what you do to him. I am sure you don’t get to do this to an average guy in real life.

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Sometimes your horse prince takes the initiative and makes you feel you are under control.


Be careful with what you say, he has got a fragile heart.


3. I Fell in Love with Gorilla(ゴリラ彼氏)

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Indecent pictures and fan fictions of ape-and-girl pairing has been quite a trend after King Kong became popular. Yet, none of it is as immersive as I Fell in Love with Gorilla, a game where you can actually date a gorilla. In this game, you get to play as a damsel in distress while your animal (or animalistic *wink*) boyfriend kicks some asses.


When you get attacked, tap the enemy and the gorilla immediately comes to your rescue. He scares the mobs away by pounding his chest. The gameplay itself is not that unusual, but still the idea of dating a gorilla is pretty nice.

Mobile dating games nowadays are more than just dating. They satisfy multiple fetishes, isn’t this nice? Next time, when you are too embarrassed to enter an adult shop, or when you are too scared to play some hentai games behind your mum’s back, these games can solve your problem.

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