[Qoo News] Mega Man Reborns on Mobile


Mega Man fans rejoice! Capcom has recently announced that the first 6 games in the Mega Man franchise will be available for Android and iOS early January.


For those new to the franchise, Mega Man is a classic side-scroller that features an android named Rock created by Dr. Light alongside the franchise’s main antagonist Dr. Willy, who later betrays Dr. Light and reprograms Dr. Light’s creations for his own purposes. Following Dr. Willy’s betrayal, Rock was transformed into a battle robot with the mission of defending the world from Dr. Willy’s machine army.


Although this is not the first time the franchise has tried its luck in the mobile market, this is the first time that all 6 of the original 8-bit Mega Man games will be available on mobile devices.

Sure, the classic side-scrolling games are a perfect kill-time, but history has proven that the original side-scroll controls aren’t compatible with modern touch screens with the poor reception of the previous mobile ported Mega Man games, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X.


Will Capcom make changes to the game play as Nintendo did with Mario Run? Or will players be introduced to an improved version of the previous controls? All will be revealed in January.


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