[Qoo News] Mobile RPG Honyarara Magic is now available for pre-registration



Mobile RPG Honyarara Magic(ららマジ)is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android. It is jointly developed by A-1 Pictures and Wright Flyer Studios.Wright Flyer Studios has previously developed the mobile Sword Art Online game.

This game revolves around magic and music. Players’ task is to rescue 30 female students from the Instrument Club. The game’s beta receives a rating of 4.7/5 on QooApp.



Pre-registration gift
Exceed 5,000 pre-reg:200 Rara gems for 1-day log in
Exceed 20,000 pre-reg:300 Rara gems for 3-day log in
Exceed 50,000 pre-reg:500 Rara gems for 5-day log in
Exceed 100,000 pre-reg:600 Rara gems for 7-day log in
Exceed 150,000 pre-reg:11 ★4 gacha tickets


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