[Qoo News] Mobile cat collector Hataraku Nyanko Houji Life now on Android/iOS


Japan TROOOZE’s new Hataraku Nyanko Houji Life – Atsumeru Neko! Collection(はたらくニャンコ放置ライフ-あつめるネコ!コレクション)is available for iOS and Android. Tugging your heart strings with irresistibly adorable cats in a wide variety of costumes, Hataraku Nyanko Houji Life is the perfect game for cat lovers to cast their minds away from work during their limited breaks!

The game is set in a peaceful kingdom of cats livin’ the good life. As the peaceful era continues the cats become more and more lazy, which is where the player comes in. Playing a supervisor role to the worker cats, the player must manage and distribute different jobs to different cats in hopes to bring the at kingdom back to its thriving glory.

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