[Qoo News] Mobile racing game Buddy Runner Pre-Register Live


16122904194920In preparation of their launch in their final quarter of 2017, TOM CREATE’s Buddy Runner(バディランナー) is now available for pre-register.

The game can be seen as a racing game in which player can match different “Riders” with various “Mounts” and compete against each other. The various “Mounts” and “Riders” each have different skill, and it will be up to the player to find the best combinations to help them win each race.

There will be a pre-registration ladder with bonus rewards as more people pre-register for the game so be sure to share it with all your buddies!

Pre-registration Ladder Rewards:

100 people pre-registered: 3 Gems (1 Premium Gacha)

500 people pre-registered: 6 Gems

1000 people pre-registered: 10 Gems

2000 people pre-registered: 15 Gems

3000 people pre-registered: 20 Gems

5000 people pre-registered: 25 Gems

10000 people pre-registered: 30 Gems

バディランナー TOM CREATE :