[Qoo Review] Best Easter Egg Series: Attack on Titan



How many titans in Attack on Titans(進撃の巨人)are based on people that you probably know?

The mangaka Hajime Isayama has previously confirmed that he drew titans based on people he knew in real life. He mostly draws inspiration from his friends and crew members, but being the big troll he is, he actually includes people that some of us actually know!

There are a total of five famous persons who are honored to be a majestic titan.

Contain manga spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.

1) Tetsurou Araki (荒木 哲郎)

Araki is the director of the Attack on Titan anime series. Before the anime was out, the manga was in fact not popular worldwide. It is not exagerrating to say he is the magician behind the popularity the manga is receiving now. Of course,  Isayama has to honor him with a role as a titan for all the efforts he has made.

In chapter 77 (p. 16), a titan is about to eat poor Marco. Yes, the one who kills off this beloved character and best friend of Jean is Araki.

∇ Ch. 77 – p.1616122911140352

Even as a titan, Araki’s face doesn’t change much. Maybe he was born with a titan face?

2) Yuki Kaji(梶 裕貴)& Yui Ishikawa(石川 由依)

Kaji and Ishikawa are famous for their amazing voice acting as Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan. Isayama is said to have provided Kaji and Ishikawa with a lot of guidance as to how to portray the leading male and female character in the series. I bet he is so proud of them that he has to honor them with roles beside Eren and Mikasa.

In chapter 81 (p. 33), some titans are seen running towards Captain Levi. But wait, don’t these titans look familiar?

∇ Ch. 81 – p.3316123004560444

The titans Levi is going to slaughter are Kaji and Ishikawa. Kaji is the one with short hair on the front while Ishikawa is the long-haired titan right behind Kaji.

∇ Ch. 81 – p.3516122911143297

Ishikawa’s and Kaji’s faces are both distorted a bit to make them more titan-like. But still, I find them pretty easy to recognise.

∇ Yui Ishikawa
∇ Yuki Kaji16122913013818

3) Marina Inoue(井上 麻里奈)

Since Isayama decided to make Eren’s and Mikasa’s voice actors a titan in the manga, he  definitely would make Armin’s voice actress a titan too. Inoue, who voices Armin in the anime, appears in chapter 80 (p.36) as a titan that looks actually quite…cute? I mean, her titan face is actually a lot prettier than any other titan in the series.

∇ Ch. 80 – p.3616122911150268

∇ Marina Inoue16122913015059

4) Donald Trump

I am still a bit skeptical about this one though. Considering it’s Isayama we are talking about, it is possible that Trump makes an appearance in the manga. I myself,  and also many other people in the fandom spotted this Trump-lookalike titan in Chapter 76 – a chapter that was released at the end of 2015. In around mid 2015, Trump suddenly became relevant globally as he announced his presidential run. Isayama possibly drew inspiration from what was relevant at the time and made it into his work.

∇ Ch. 76 – p.316122911141793

∇ Donald Trump16122913011858

Sadly, there aren’t many significant easter eggs in the anime. I would have written an article about it otherwise (a major AOT fan here). Since the second season is coming soon, I will keep an eye on the fun hidden stuff. Stay tuned!