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Onmyoji is a fantasy turn based RPG with a strong Japanese backdrop. players follows in the steps of Seimei, a reference to Abe no Seimei,and his journey to maintain balance between the human realm and the realm of youkai.

The game plays similarly to Summoner Wars and Seven Knights, in which players collects characters to build their own personalize team.  As many of you know from experience, the starting draw is possibly the most important draw for your gaming experience. The difference between getting a useful character in the beginning is indescribable, which is why many players choose to re-roll until they get something good.17010308090216Like many games, there are normal summons and premium summons. Normal draws from a pool of Normal – Rare characters, and Premium Summon pulls from a pool of Rare – Super Super Rare characters. So to start things off, here are a list of recommended characters that are great for your first roll.

SSR (insanely low drop rate)

16121608312041First up in the SSR list is Ibaraki Dōji  (茨木童子). The reason why he is chosen as a good starter is simple. The sheer amount of damage output he has makes him a great character to start off with. A strong AoE skill paired with a passive that deals additional damage when an enemy falls can easily carry players through majority of the game.16121608321263

Another great SSR starter is Youtouhime (妖刀姬). Currently the highest single target DPS, Youtouhime is not only great for PvE but also excels in PvP. Her active skill  Each time Youtouhime deals damage, there is a 20% chance she will deal 40% of her attack as additional damage do the target.


The unbelievably low drop rate on SSR is balanced by the usefulness of the SR tier characters, but with that said, there are still characters that are just better to start with.16121608314141

Ubume (姑獲鳥) is one of the better SR that you want to start with. Her normal attacks ignore 20% defense and her passive gives her a 30% chance to do a follow-up attack whenever an ally attack deals damage.16121608320152

Jorōgumo (絡新婦) on paper shows rank S in Attack, Speed and Crit, together with her AoE skill which deals additional damage to enemies with lower speed and a 25% chance to stun faster enemies, Jorōgumo can be incredibly useful to new players.16121608315445

With one of the strongest AoE skill in-game (when paired with the proper rune) Oni Tsuka Kuro (鬼使黑) is quite a good starter as well. Although lacking in speed, Oni Tsuka Kuro can be farmed in game, making it easier for players to upgrade his skills.

After you’re done with re-rolling, it’s important to get familiarized with the games set up. For those of you who can’t read Chinese, here are a few images to guide you through.17010309085310Most of what you need will be linked in the "Garden" (as seen above), from your next PvE stage to daily missions and tasks and most importantly summoning. Below you will the notice board towards the left of the cherry blossom tree, this is where you can find in-game Events, Forums or contact Customer Service.
17010308101968As you progress further into the game, developing your champions/characters is crucial in advancing through PvE and PvP. There are 3 ways to develop your characters in Onmyoji. First is to simply raise its level, this can be achieved simply by bringing them into battle or feeding them fodders. Special fodders (shown below) give additional EXP when used, these are incredibly useful for developing fodders for ranking up. Another tip to quick leveling is to go into a stage from the "Explore" tab, and do the EXP bonus battles. You can simply quit and re-enter once you complete all the EXP bonus battles in the session.1701030917578917010309171811Ranking up is similar to Ascension or Transcending. When your character reaches maximum level, you can feed other characters of the same rank to raise the rank of your selected character.

170103091712217010309302339Awakening in Onmyoji unlocks latent abilities of your selected character. Of course, each character gains different effects after awakening, but they all experience some sort of stat increase. Materials for Awakening can be found in Awakening raids, in the "Explore" tab. 1701030925404217010311204666Within the "Explore" Tab players will find their unlocked stages to the right and the daily dungeons/raids in the bottom left menu. Additionally, players can also explore the map to find each stage/dungeon, for immersive reasons.

For those who rely heavily on "auto-battle" functions, the auto battle function for Onmyoji allows you to toggle between auto-attack only and auto-skills for individual characters in your party (excluding co-op). What this potentially does is save up your skill gauge for AoE attacks to help you clear the stage faster.17010311131227
The final essential things you need to know for Onmyoji are the time limited rewards and activities.

Everyday from 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 (server time) players can get free stamina from the little Shikigami in the garden.

From 19:00-21:00 real-time PvP is open on the Town session.

Guild Raid opens from 19:00-21:00, this can only be opened by guild leaders.

As one final tip, You can buy 11 Premium Summon Tickets at the price of 10 Premium Summons at the shop! (See image below)


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  1. I don’t know Chinese, I pressed something and now I have to play it again. How to recover?

  2. is it possible to reroll on iOS? also while using the chinese version?

  3. Hello, I can’t help you in rerolling >< I don't recommend rerolling bc the devs are hella strict and they confiscate your summons. Plus, it's a waste of time bc the rates are too low. I don't know how to reroll on this version(TW server) either since I only play the China version(the original one), but you *can* reroll on the China ver

  4. Era can u show me how to reroll pls ( with images ofc cus i cant read chinese at all )

  5. Hi, not sure if you still need help, but the shop doesn’t sell characters but costumes…you will need to get the character via summon first before you can apply the costume on that character.

  6. I bought a “character” in the shop, and over the image there’s also a band said “Has been obtained”, but I cant find ot any where… Can anyone help? Thanks!

  7. Rerolling is almost futile, bc the rates for ssr is just that low. You could still try if you feel insanely lucky (though remember that luck runs out! You use it somewhere, it won’t appear elsewhere). Go for Ubume and Oni Tsuka Kuro, they’re super OP, if trained well and equipped with suitable high star runes, they can take out SSRs in PvP. It’s all about tactic and runes in this game.

  8. Is there any english community of this game somewhere?

  9. My Chinese isn’t that good. Do you have translations for all the runes? I’ve figured out a few by trial and error but it would be a massive help! Thanks!

  10. is it possible to include a guide for the actual re-rolling process? THanks very much