[Qoo Review] The future of VR: get tied up and watch a half-naked girl die



It is up to you whether a steamy night will turn into a bloodshed.



You are tied to a chair and about to get a good lap dance by your half-naked partner Lucy.


Then an unwelcome guy just barges in.




What you say and how you react may lead to having your hand chopped off, or getting killed, or getting the girl killed, or even worse, or nothing bad at all. You just don’t know.

This is all about weighting important stuff and making life choices.

And this is Restraint, a psychological VR game by GygeStudios. It is this game that puts you in the above situation and possibly leaves you stunned when you finish.

When playing Restraint, you are recommended to be physically bound in the real world in order to get the most out of the experience. This is an interactive fiction like Stanley Parable. Choices are given, and the outcome is yours to decide. There are several endings depending on what you choose. You are very encouraged to play again and again to explore different results.

After all, this is a test to humanity, this is a lesson. You cannot just experience it once and claim "I have realised that sacrifices are not easy to make in an event concerning life and death". Instead, experiencing different routes can help you look at the bigger picture, help you reflect on the entire situation and help you think about something that you have never thought about before.

I have never played this game. In fact, the game hasn’t even been released. It is currently on Steam’s Greenlight, where Steam lets players decide what indie games it should publish. I am already hooked and eager to find out what choices I would make. Heck, I may even be a cold-blooded person that gets Lucy killed. If you are looking for an experience like this, go ahead and upvote this game on Greenlight.