[Qoo Reviews] Is Mega Man Mobile 1-6 Worth it?


Mega Man Mobile 1-6 has just been released in US for iOS and Android. Just before the games were released, Capcom released a series of game play videos, showing fans what they can expect in the mobile version of the classic Mega Man game.

For those who pre-registered and received the email Capcom sent saying "Each game has been optimized for the mobile device with adjustments to game speed" the statement cannot be anymore wrong. Despite all previous issues players had with the frame rate, it appears Capcom made little-to-no improvements to the issue. For a game that came out for a console 2 decades ago, frame rate should be the least of its problem seeing how mobile devices have a much higher performance than the original NES, but if you look at it positively, it does make the game harder.


Other than the frame rate, Capcom seem to have kept the controls similar to the previous Mega Man games ported to mobile. Minor changes have been made in attempt to make things more fluent, but it still requires some serious some getting used to.


Despite the many problems with the game play, ultimately the ports are still Mega Man games. Fans are welcomed by the same nostalgic opening sequences and soundtracks that were iconic in the original games. The pure nostalgic journey the game provides for fans is enough to make each game worth the money, but there are most certainly better ways to replay these childhood memorabilia. So unless you are a die hard fan there really isn’t much the new ports can offer you.


The 6 original games will be released in Japan tomorrow, 6th January, 2017.