[Qoo News] Follow QooApp to Taipei Game Show – exclusive game trials and first-hand news!


QooApp is going to take all of you to Taipei Game Show! As the official partner media, we will be comprehensively reporting every aspect as well as showcasing a wide variety of Japanese/Korean games at our booth. Some of the game trials are even QooApp-exclusive. All players are welcome to join us there and have fun!

Debut of various Japanese and Korean games

QooApp’s booth (B118 – 120) will provide various trials of games from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong for all visiting players. One of the most anticipated is Angry Birds Dice, an Angry Birds spin-off by Korean developer JoyCity.


Other trials include the traditional-Chinese version of "Starly Girls -Episode Starsia-", otome game "異世界でカフェを開店しました。", the mobile version of popular web game "りっく☆じあ~す " and many others.


QooApp’s partner project: SEEC’s "四ツ目神"

Japanese developer SEEC is renowned for its mobile horror escape games. The well-received title "四ツ目神" is now available in traditional Chinese. QooApp is honored to have participated in the localisation process and to present such a quality game to players. Beside a trial of the game, QooApp will also be disclosing our exclusive interview with the production team. In the interview, they revealed the backstory for the first time!


Unlock rewards by visiting QooApp

Those who cannot visit QooApp at Taipei Game Show can still follow us for first-hand news. For those who can, come visit us to get a selection of limited rewards by completing the tasks we have prepared!

For more about Taipei Game Show, please follow QooApp for latest updates.


QooApp exclusive trials and previews


QooApp @ TpGS 2017 details

Date: 20th January, 2017 ~ 24th January, 2017
Time: 10:00~18:00
Location: Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center 1 (No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110)
Booth: B118 – 120