[Qoo Guide] Bungou Stray Dogs: truths behind abilities – Chuuya


The stray dogs may have an author’s name, but they themselves are pieces of literatures.

Bungou Stray Dogs’ characters are all named after famous authors. On the surface, it seems like they possess the personalities of these authors. Deep inside, they are beautiful metaphors for these authors’ work.

Their abilities actually tell us a lot about it.

中原中也 – 羊の歌: "汝 陰鬱なる汚濁の許容よ 更めてわれを目覚ますことなかれ。"

Chuuya Nakahara – Sheep Song: "O acquaintances, grantors of dark disgrace,
do not wake me again!"


After the last analysis about Dazai‘s ability, it is impossible to not make one about Chuuya.

Chuuya’s ability, For The Tainted Sorrow(汚れつちまつた悲しみに), is actually a poem by his real counterpart. The poem describes the taste of sadness as the feeling of being alone in the snow with just a fox fur coat, dreaming of death when dying slowly. From the look of it, it really does not have anything to do with Chuuya’s ability to make gravitons and manipulate gravity.

▼ Chuuya’s ability to manipulate gravity

In fact, it does relate to Chuuya’s hidden ability – Corruption(汚濁).

1. The poem For The Tainted Sorrow describes the result of using Corruption.

Dazai mentions the result when Chuuya uses Corruption. His power is stronger, however, it drains his life until he dies of exhaustion. This is why Dazai has to be there everytime Chuuya uses Corruption – to stop him from destroying everything and killing himself in the end. Chuuya’s ability can make him die slowly in lonely way. This refers to the poem’s description on being alone and dying slowly alone.

▼ Chuuya using Corruption to make gravitrons

▼ Chuuya triggering Corruption by removing his gloves and saying the line from Sheep Song

2. The trigger of Corruption describes the result of using Corruption.

The trigger of Corruption is a line from the poem Sheep Song. The line "汝 陰鬱なる汚濁の許容よ 更めてわれを目覚ますことなかれ" means "you allow sorrow to corrupt, do not wake me up again". The "you" is very likely to be Dazai, because as long as he allows Chuuya’s ability to corrupt and does not wake him up by using No Longer Human, Chuuya is in pain and will die of exhaustion eventually.

▼ Dazai using No Longer Human to stop Corruption

▼ Chuuya passing out due to exhaustion after using Corruption17011610361323

After finishing the analysis on the Double Black duo, I will be doing the lovely children that are under Dazai’s wings : Atsushi-kun and Akutagawa-kun.


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