[Qoo News] Manga ReLIFE live-action adaption’s trailer released


The live-action adaption of manga ReLIFE(リライフ)has released a teaser video earlier today (13th January). The original manga is written and illustrated by Yayoiso(夜宵草).


ReLIFE has already been made into a TV anime series in 2016. The story revolves around a 27 year-old unemployed man who stumbles across a medicine to return to his high-school life. His 17 year-old self then crosses paths with people he should not meet.

The movie will premier on 15th April, 2017. The main cast includes Taishi Nakagawa(中村大志), Yuna Tair(平祐奈), Mahiro Takasugi(高杉真宙), Elaiza Ikeda(池田エライザ), Sae Okazaki(岡崎紗絵)and Yudai Chiba(千葉雄).