[Qoo Review] Star Wars™: Force Arena First Look



MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)  have proven itself to be an incredibly addictive genre of games. From the original Dota to newer titles in the genre including League of Legends and SMITE. Star Wars Force Arena (SWFA) by NetMarbles brings the best elements of MOBA games and creates a fast paced mini-moba featuring iconic characters of the Star Wars franchise.


On first glance, the game really doesn’t seem different from similar mobile games like Clash Royal, but as you start playing, the game reveals its real-time strategy appeal. Unlike Clash Royale, SWFA allows players certain control over their units. To start things off, SWFA features a collectible card system where players open booster packs to expand their collection of units and heroes. Players can then build their deck and challenge other players online on 1v1 matches or 2v2 matches.


Finding a game is relatively fast and a typical match is quite face paced, allowing you to play a couple of games during a short break. Simple Tap-to-Move and Tap-to-Summon combined with fluent graphics makes the entire experience quite satisfying.


With that being said, there are cons in SWFA. Playing on the Empire faction, as of this moment, almost guarantees an under 1min queue time, but as a Rebel, the queue time is many times longer. That is not without reason, the match making system in SWFA is made so rebel leaders only face off against Empire leaders. In terms of units, Empire units are less versatile than Rebel units, which means it requires more thoughts when building your deck and far more planning to make useful plays in game.


Overall the game feels great, and most importantly, its incredibly easy to fit in a game or 2 whenever you have just a bit of time to spare. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Star Wars fan, its easy to appreciate the game as a fast-paced MOBA.


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