[Qoo News] TpGS Indie Game Anubis no Kamen by GIFT 10 INDUSTRY


Adding a physical element to VR, GIFT TEN INDUSTRY reintroduces the joys of classic table top board games wit modern VR technologies.


Anubis no Kamen is a unique idea that brilliantly combines player interaction with VR experience to create a game that emphasizes on players co-ordination with each other. The game goal of the game is relatively simple, the players must work together to charter the dungeon floor they are on, ultimately finding the Throne Room on each floor. Each player starts off at a different point in the dungeon. Each player takes turn to wear the mask of Anubis which holds a mobile device with the game’s app loaded. During their turn wearing the mask, the player has to look at their surroundings and explain what they see to the other players who tries to build a physical map of the dungeon using the physical props provided by the game. Through sharing information during their turn, the players can determine where they are and what the dungeon floor layout is like. Once they locate the Throne Room, they must lead the the piece on the physical map to the throne room to advance to the next level, at which point they will be teleported to difference locations and players repeat the steps to fully charter the new level.


Masks of Anubis’ Game Designer, Takashi Hamada explains the idea for this game comes from my background in being part of the development team for the Wii U, my interest in combining VR experience with physical elements, and also from personal experience. He further explains when we’re meeting with friends at a set location, we often call them an explain our surroundings hoping the would be able to find us, using this idea I created the concept for Mask of Anubis.


At GIFT 10 INDUSTRY’s booth, Takashi Hamada also showed the Mask of Moai. An enhanced version of Mask of Anubis which increases the difficulty of the game with having multiple levels on each floor. Players will have to jump between levels to fully explore the dungeon!