[Qoo News] Sega reveals Chinese version of Chaos;Child! at TpGS – a possible English version soon?



Contrary to what Sega offered at Taipei Game Show last year, this year it has relatively little to show. It does not have mobile games like it did last year. It does not have 7 games like it did last year. Still, it has something that give us chills!

Let’s start with the most exciting thing – Chaos;Child!


The reason why this is exciting is that the game will be releasing a Chinese version. The Science Adventure series, which includes four other games, had always been released in Japanese only. The long awaited Chinese version of this latest title in the franchise is of course a big news to Chinese fans. Since Sega has made the first step to get this popular visual novel localized, it is possible there will be an English version too! Hooray!

∇ Game Trial

The others are not exactly disappointing, but the fact there are only game trials is quite a let down. Plus those games have been confirmed to be localised quite a while ago. If you are just like me, someone who has already watched Youtubers play the Japanese versions, you will be there for the few-minute trial, and nothing else.

∇ Persona 5

∇ Valkyria: Azure Revolution

∇ Puyo Puyo Tetris