[Qoo News] TpGS2017 PlayStation 4 Horizon Zero Dawn


Inviting Art Director of Horizon Zero Dawn, Roy Postma and Samrat Sharma, Producer of Horizon Dawn Zero, PlayStation held a stage event featuring their upcoming open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn.


The event re-introduces the game’s background, with the recently released cinematic story trailer. Following the trailer, Roy Postma and Samrat Sharma entered the stage and gave an introduction to some of the main characters players will interact with, starting with Aloy.

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At the event Roy introduced some of the machines that roams in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, bringing them to life with their characteristics and physique. Ending with a live gameplay of a Chinese version of Horizon Zero Dawn played by Samrat Sharma, audiences got to experience the game up-close despite some of the minor controller malfunctions Samrat faced on stage.