[Qoo News] TpGS 2017 VR Monster Awakens



The unique aspect of VR is that it immerses players into the game they are playing, placing players into the game world itself and allowing them to interact with the many objects creates a fabric of reality that all gamers desire.


At Tpgs 2017’s Indie House, Hong Kong’s FIGHT4DREAM Ltd. showcased their early access title VR Monster Awakens to give visitors a whole new experience to VR games.

In VR Monster Awakens, players play as a giant monster Somilla. Giving players the power to crush buildings, throw cars and even eat innocent bystanders makes the game incredibly satisfying. Similar to another giant lizard made famous in Japan, Somilla can fire a massive beam to deal long range damage to the pesky helicopters and blimps in game.


The controls for VR Monster Awakens can only be described as obvious-yet-ingenious. Using a clawing motion to move in the direction the player is facing, players can control when they want to move, in which direction and how fast they want to move greatly reducing the chances of getting motion sickness as players have a correlation between action and movement.

Focusing not only on the player, but also the audience, FIGHT4DREAM Ltd. cleverly created a toggled birds eye view from the perspective on one of the blimps in-game, re-creating the feel of live news coverage. The change in view gives players a more entertaining perspective of the game, jumping from first person to third person audiences can get an equally enjoyable experience watching their friends wreak havoc. As mentioned before, the blimp and helicopters are destructible, meaning that when audiences are in 3rd person view, the player can destroy their camera, in a way creating a sort of interaction between player and viewer.


We had a chat with Creative Director Alvin Wong, to get a feel of what direction the game will be heading. Alvin explains that although the game follows a open world element, the lack of purpose can make the game repetitive. FIGHT4Dream is hoping to bring a competitive mode into the game to make it more party friendly. However everything is still at concept stage.

VR Monster Awakens


Official Website: http://vrmonsterawakens.com/
Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/566870/