[Qoo News] G2A’s VR Game Blunt Force World’s First Preview at TpGS 2017


Digital empire G2A has premiered  the demo for their very own VR game, Blunt Force, at their booth in TpGS 2017. Best known for their peer-to-peer marketplace, G2A has grown to offer an extensive list of e-services and is now working to offer physical products with G2A Gear.

G2A announced the making of their first VR game, Blunt Force, a while back. The game is set in World War II and players play as an agent before the war starts.


To really give players the feel of of what Blunt Force can do, G2A launched the fist playable demo at TpGS 2017. However, the short demo at the G2A booth is almost far too well put and detailed to be called "just-a-demo". Beautifully rendered models combined with an realistic amount of physics applied to almost everything you see allows the player to interact with even the smallest object within their reach.


During the demo, players witness an impressive swift and seamless destruction of a soothing cafe, showing off what the developers can achieve. Followed by intense fps action, the game really immerses the player into the life of a special agent facing off against multiple enemies at a time.

During my time at the booth I had a chat with G2A Head of VR Team, Marcin Kryszpin, who told me that they have been working on the game for about 4 months now. With their past experience in creating G2A Land, the Virtual Amusement Park Experience, it is no surprise that the Blunt Force demo has such an immersive experience.


Although the demo almost feels like a complete game, G2A is working to create more content before launching, saying "We want to create a game with more than just 8 hours worth of content". Marcin tells me that they’re aiming to release Blunt Force near the end of 2017 for PC.


Blunt Force is definitely a game I look forward to this year. The amount of detail the game offers creates a far superior VR experience than most other VR games, combined with an interesting setting and visually stunning environment the game is really setting off with a great start. A balance between exploration and first-person-shooting makes the game more than just a typical VR shooter.