[Qoo Review] First Impressions on Rayark’s Sdorica at TpGS 2017



From the studio behind Implosion -Never Lose Hope- comes  Sdorica Sunset,  a RPG that combines tiles-matching with fluent, flashy combat.  Rayark’s Sdorica Sunset boasts a variety of playable races for characters to unlock, from the typical fantasy genre beastmen to androids and monsters.


At TpGS 2017, Rayark revealed a new teaser for fans to enjoy, as well as working together with the Google Play booth to give fans a short demo of the game.

Featuring a tile-matching combat style, players can choose between destroying 1 tile for a quick attack, 2 tiles for a stronger attack, or 4 tiles (2×2 square) to unleash a flurry of hits. I’m sure many of you are thinking “why can’t you remove 3 tiles at a time?” the answer is quite simple, if 3-tile removal was allowed, players will be able to create combos easily with “L” shape removals. Limiting players with only 1,2 and 4 tiles removal forces players to plan ahead and remove tiles strategically.

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As seen in the video, Sdorica is similar to Crusader’s Quest, in a way that both game’s combat system revolves around linking tiles together to perform a strong attack and different skills depending on your characters.


We also got a look at some of the characters that would be featured in the game. Unlike many other mobile games, the playable characters have to be unlocked instead of using a “gacha” system. With no rarity in the game, every character can potentially be great, everything depends on how much time and resource is spent on the character and how players build their team.


At first glance, the cutesy cartoon-ish style isn’t anything remarkably special,  the selling point of Sdorica lies within the unique tile-removing system. Somewhat similar to how you need to time your skills properly in other RPGs, in Sdorica players will have to decide when and how many tiles they should remove in order to defeat the boss.


The tile-matching combat genre may not be unique, some would even say that the genre is overplayed. However Rayark has put a lot of thought in giving Sdorica the twist it needs to give the genre a new light, and everything seems to come together perfectly. Combining the different effects each characters have with the different combos the player makes, Sdorica certainly has more depth than you would think.

Not in game audio

The fact that each time the player remove tiles from the play, the game rewards them with glowing animations and flashy attacks makes the entire game experience feel more satisfying. Although in the demo the player’s don’t have the opportunity to create their own team combination, I do look forward to see how the game will perform at launch.

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